Saturday, October 13, 2007


Sitting here watching "Bring It On". For whatever reason, I love that movie. I think it's because, ummm, yea, I was a cheerleader in high school. I admit it. To the world. I know you all are probably shocked because today, I am not exactly the "cheerleader" type--after having gone to law school and all that. I am actually kinda embarassed to even say I was a cheerleader for three years of high school, but I don't really know why. I think a lot of people look down on cheerleading, but let me tell you, it was a HELL of a workout (with dance and gymnastics) and a total sport that gave me coordination I will never lose. The sport actually taught me discipline, and turned a kinda shy, behind the scenes girl, into an outgoing, confident person. Plus, the uniforms were freaking adorable. ;). I have no idea how this post turned into a cheerleading thing, so I will stop now and post about my week.

So, this past Thursday was my and Kurt's 11 year "dating" anniversary. We actually consider it more of an anniversary than our actual wedding anniversary in December. I totally forgot about it, LOL. Kurt and I were eating at our favorite local hole in the wall Japanese place, sharing the California roll platter and miso soup, and Kurt says to me "Are you forgetting something today?" I was like, UMMMMM, what? He says, "it's our anniversary!" Whoops! So, I told him, well thanks honey! He said, "For what?" My response? The watch you bought me online this morning! Ha. I finally bought a nice watch online. I had this Omega watch all picked out from before the time I graduated from law school. I had said it would be my graduation gift. Long story short, I never bought it. I could not really stomach spending that much on a watch. It is retail like $5000, but available on eBay for like $2000. Still, even at $2000, I had issues with the idea of wearing a used car on my wrist. So, I have been eyeing this other watch on Amazon for a while. It is made by Burberry and very similar in style to the Omega I wanted and a fraction of the cost, but still designer looking. On Amazon's Friday Sale, they had it marked down to the lowest I have ever seen it (NOT the price listed on the site now). So, I bought it....OR, umm, Kurt bought it for me as an anniversary gift. I can't wait to get it. Also bought a jump rope because I need it for my kickboxing videos I bought a little while ago. Later that day, I ordered a new purse (really needed one, mine is starting to fall apart), and I told Kurt thanks for the second anniversary gift! Ha. He is such a great gift giver, I get exactly what I want. :). Oh, the style I got on that site is the "Andi", and used the materials manatee faux suede and tangled up. The site rocks. You get to design your own, one of a kind, purse. Love it. Can't wait to get that in the mail too.

This past week was crazy busy. I had work, as well as two committee meetings on Tuesday for the Board and another committee meeting and regular board meeting on Thursday. Aargh. I was so happy for the week to be over.

Sometimes, people drive me bonkers. Former Client. Did her divorce, which was complex, long and intense. Talked to this person on the phone ALL the time, and she loved us. Referred her friends, some family, etc. At the end of her case, she owed us money. Instead of making her pay, per her request, we agreed to take our fees from her portion of her husband's 401K, which she was getting a large sum of money from. We added this into the Judgment of Divorce, as well as her Order that divided the 401K. Once the Order was done and sent to the 401K company, she called the company and somehow got them to disobey the Order and send the money directly to her, which she, of course, did not turn over to us. We called her several times, and shockingly, I know, she did not return our calls. Finally, three weeks ago, she returned a call from Misty and said she was sending payment the following week. OK, fine. Instead, we get a letter with a check for $100. The letter was rude, she was basically stating that since she "believed" she got a bad deal in her divorce and was broke, she was deciding how payment would be made to us, and it would be in the amount of $100 per week. For 32 weeks. Ummm, I don't think so. And I fixed that. Since the Judgment of Divorce had the provision in there about our atty fees, we did not have to sue her for collections, we simply had to turn garnishments into the court for signature and serve them on her employer, bank account, and state of MI for taxes. Because she wrote us the check, I knew where she banked. Anyway. Sent all the stuff out, and a hold was put on her bank account on Friday. She called on Friday night, left a message (crying) that the money in her account was to pay her mortgage and bills, and we needed to give it back. How freaking amusing. Let's see, sweetie. You intercepted MY MONEY, kept it for yourself, and NOW, I am supposed to feel SORRY for you?? Yea, that. I have a mortgage to pay too and with clients like her, it makes it more difficult to budget and figure things out. I hate having to do that to clients because of course, now, she will be all talking bad about us and shit, but whatever. I am sure she already was anyway, and we have enough clients who are giving us rave reviews. Sigh.

My Aunt and I went on a short hike today at Lake Erie Metropark. Took a few pics. It's so sad all the flowers are dying! I hate that. After that, went to the Monroe Outlet Mall, where I got three sweaters (white, black and green) at the Gap, two little outfits for my sister who is pregnant at Carter's. Oh, another announcement! My sister is having a boy! She found out on Thursday. Name is going to be Nicholas James. My Mom is having her shower the first weekend in November. Went to dinner at Pete's and stopped at Kmart to buy Bugsy food.

And, I am off to SLEEP in. Can't wait.

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