Monday, October 29, 2007


**Me and Bugsy, before my Board Meeting. Can you tell I am in love with my boy??
I really need to keep up on this blogging. I start to forget what I want to blog about. :).

Last Thursday was a board meeting. Went pretty smoothly, which was nice. I was expecting some fireworks on some issues, but everything was calm. Went out afterwards and got to see Carl and Kittie, which was nice. I really hope that Carl decides to run again, it's nice to have as many people on my side as possible. And we pretty much always agree on issues.

This weekend was nice. Saturday we worked (which I lied, was NOT nice). hehe. Afterwards, we met Auntie and Carl for dinner downtown at Traffic Jam, which is one of my laidback favorites. I split an appetizer with Auntie and Carl of crab and asparagus wontons which were amazing. My meal was crab cakes which were super yummy too. Saw The World's Greatest Majic Show at the Fisher Theatre afterwards, which was funny and really good. A really nice night out.

Sunday, we were going to work, but ended up staying in. Was supposed to get together with Rebecca, but I was exhausted, and the two hour drive (there and back), would have given me a migraine. With construction, I could just not stomach it as much as I wanted to go up there. We ended up going to this Barktoberfest by our house and taking the pugs. Gretel wore her Halloween costume. It was fun. I loved watching Vito interact with other dogs and people. He LOVVVVES other people and dogs. They all had fun. Came home and ran some errands including getting a much needed oil change on the Jeep and stopping by Target to check out my sister's registry. I need to get her something since her shower is Sunday, but I most likely will get something not on the registry. Did a bunch of laundry, which desperately needed to be done, cleaned the kitchen and got a nice workout in. Lazy Sundays are the best.

Dropped the Saturn off today to be worked on. There is something going on with the ignition (which I have mentioned before), and I will be really glad to have that fixed so I can drive my baby again. Work went alright, and we did not have to work late, which is awesome.

Nothing too exciting going on here (obviously). Talk later......

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