Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weekend Update

Went hiking today at Sterling State Park. It was really relaxing, and I took a bunch of pics of the changing colors and such. Such a nice walk. I saw in one spot, 12 white herons at the same time, which was incredible. Also saw a ton of turtles, getting the last sun of the year....Ducks as well, and lots of birds screaming at eachother, hehe.

Had a great weekend too. Yesterday, Rebecca came over and we made dinner. Kory made his Mom's famous cheesy potatoes. He made him and Rebecca burgers, and I made Kurt and I grilled tuna. We made crab rangoon for an appetizer, which was really yummy, and warmed up rolls that Rebecca brought over. We ate at the dining room table, for the first time since we have moved into the house, which was 4.5 years ago, LOL. Anyway, it was really nice. After that, we headed to this haunted hayride in Newport at a local farm, which was hilarious and quite the production! :). I was scared and screamed a lot, haha. I get scared so easily.

Got a migraine really early on Friday morning and can still feel remnants of it today. Ugh. Rebecca worked on my neck some yesterday which made the headache stop....thanks Rebecca! :).

Time for bed. Just watched the Indians lose, BLAH. I can't stand the Red Sox. GO ROCKIES!

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