Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Went last night to the Fisher Theatre to see The 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee. Which was hilarious. Loved it. Also loved NO INTERMISSION. I hate intermissions. I am tired during the week, and just want to watch the show and get home for some sleep. I highly recommend seeing this.

Had a doctor's appointment tonight. I went at the end of August for the first time. I have had issues with my skin since I was a teenager and finally decided to try and do something about it. The first time, he put me on Duac and Differin. He saw an improvement this time, and gave me some samples of something new to try that is stronger than the Differin, since I have not had any side effects yet. I will try that tonight and see how it goes.

Fed my birds when I got home, who seem to be out and about again. We had kinda a suprising dry spell with the birds being around, and I have no idea why. I had to put out 3 new suets tonight as well as fill both feeders! Yay!

So, my goal of leaving the office by 5 everyday has not happened. Even once, LOL. But we are in what Kurt calls "busy season", so it's expected.

Called a guy about the roof, as we need some new shingles (about 10) on the garage. The guy says we need a new roof, and I dont believe him. I think poeple try and take advantage of us sometimes because they come over and see a large house and think they can screw us over. So, I am getting some more opinions (2 more) this week. I dont need a new roof. Nothing is leaking.

Oh, and I am writing this on my laptop! It was not working and I needed the restore CDs, which I could not find. I ordered a new one from Toshiba, and voila! Laptop fixed. I am seriously thinking about buying a new one though and giving mine to Kurt. His is super old. I have no idea what I want though....Any suggestions, anyone?

I am also in the market for a new mattress. I need to go back to Art Van or a mattress store to try things out. I really am leaning towards a Temperpedic type bed, but need to figure that out. Again, any suggestions, peeps?

Tried to watch Private Practice again tonight while working out, and I am just not feeling it. I really wanted to, but I don't. So, I turned it off and watched my Sopranos CD. I can't believe I ever watched that when it was on. Great show.

Off to bed.


.................Nancy said...

I've always wanted to rent the Sopranos DVD, maybe I should this winter hehe. No suggestion for mattresses besides dont be affraid to try them at the store! No suggestions for laptop besides Windows Vista kinda really sucks. I have it on my new laptop and I think i'm just about to lose it and install windows xp instead. Bugs galore in vista.

Lisa said...

Really?? I loved Private Practice!

Ashley Cross said...

I do love private practice too!