Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Yay! Whoot! The actual booking of the tix and the confirmation email is what makes me really believe I am going on vacay. Just booked our Panama Xmas trip tonight. I used an Entertainment Book coupon and saved almost $72! Which rocks since the book only cost $15 to begin with. I used it and saved almost $100 to Belize and used it to save like $40 on our rental car in Vegas, so this book rocks. Seriously. If you travel a lot, this book is worth buying. Now, I need to book our rental SUV (you need four wheel drive there) and kinda plan the trip. We like to play things by ear, but with this trip, we need to figure out what we want to do because there is a lot of planning with boats and such to get where you want to go.

This lady comes in today to pay her son's bill. She was such a freaking bitch. This was not even her case. It was a divorce, and the parties in the case came to an agreement on everything, wherein our client, against our advice, gave his wife custody and permission to move to TN. Kurt grilled him on the record about this so it was recorded that he went against our advice. Apparently, he went home and told his family that we "lost" his case. His mother, after very rudely paying the bill, leaves a "note" for Kurt on the counter, wherein she rips him apart (Keep in mind here she was never in court or part of the case except paying) saying that he is a "lazy" atty and does not care about his clients or try to get them what they want. We just have to laugh at this kind of stuff because family law is really a thankless kind of law to practice. Everyone is happy until they have to pay their bill. That's what this was about, entirely. She was mad he owed us money. Whatever. We probably work harder than anyone. And Kurt hates to lose and rarely does. We can't make people do what we want. We are there to simply counsel. If you don't do what we say, it's your call. Don't later blame us for your stupid decisions and your lack of common sense to listen to your atty. Isn't that why people hire an atty? Who knows.

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