Friday, October 05, 2007

Where Should I Choose?

Yesterday, at lunch, Kurt and I stopped at Border's and bought two travel books--one about Panama and one about Peru. Those are the two places I have our December travel narrowed down too. After reviewing both books and doing some research online, I *think* I have decided on Panama. Mostly because the flight is shorter, it's not the rainy season there in December, and Peru just had an earthquake which means some bridges and stuff may be out and not repaired by the time of our trip. I still really want to see Peru as well, so maybe we will do that during our May/summer trip. The more I read the book on Panama, the more excited I am. Pretty much the entire country is nature and wildlife and beaches. I will start researching more and pick the places I want to see, but the book gives me a great start.

While on the way into the mall at lunch yesterday, we saw a lady getting out of her car with two little kids, one in a stroller and the other about 3 years old. Apparently, said three year old was not behaving, and the mother was just telling him off. I walked by and as I did, I hear her say (and i am not kidding), "Stop being a little ass." Yes, she swore at her 3 year old, with her baby in a stroller. I literally stopped, turned around, and stared at her. Did she notice? No. She was too busy still yelling. I started talking really loudly about her to Kurt, and she did not hear a word. Seriously, who argues with a 3 year old? And who swears at them? How horrible. This is the reason people should have to undergo testing before having kids. I came very close to saying something to the woman because I was so appalled, but I knew her response would be telling me that I have no business telling her how to act. That's just how people like her are. What freaking scum.

My Maga (Grama) had her knee replacement surgery on Monday and everything went well. She was in the hospital until Thursday and then taken to the rehab center for 7-10 days. I hate knowing she is in pain, but am glad the surgery went well for her. Keep my Maga in your prayers.....:).

The office was crazy busy this week.......And we are working tomorrow morning until I have to leave to go to Rebecca's. Night, all!

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