Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pugs in Costume

Had court all morning today, which kinda sucked because Misty called in sick, and I came back to madness at the office and a ton of calls. Ugh. Court went well though, and I got some stuff filed that needed to be.

We took Oscar to the vet tonight. His eye has been bothering him and we thought maybe he had scratched it, but wanted to make sure nothing major was wrong. Nothing major is. He does have a tiny scratch, and they gave us some drops to help the healing process. Also got his nails cut while there. Took him to petsmart afterwards and bought some dog treats as well as a Halloween costume for Gretel that I need to return for the next size up. It is a tiny bit too small, but really cute on her. She is going to be a strawberry, ;).

Came home and made dinner, worked out, did a load of laundry. Nothing exciting. Have a board meeting tomorrow, which should be dramatic, but can't post why at this point. Will update tomorrow if the drama occurs.....

I have so many small errands and things I need to do that I just don't have the time to do. Ugh. I keep saying every week I will accomplish these things and I never do. I am going to make it a goal to do these things THIS Saturday. We may work part of the weekend, but any other free time I have is going to be devoted to doing this stuff. Some of the things are: Sams Club visit (really need bottled water and some other things), pedicure and manicure (luckily we are done with sandal season here, but I still like going for maintenance), Trader Joe's (really need chili). Also, I want to sit down and plan my meals for next week, and go buy ingredients for them. The Kraft site lets you make shopping lists, so I know what I need to make these meals I want to try. I am going to do this. :).

Off to bed......

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