Saturday, March 22, 2008

Almost Easter

So, this week has been hectic. Work is crazy busy. I feel like even when I get a lot accomplished, my pile of work is not going down......We worked all day today and I got a TON done. Drafted a lot of bankruptcies, I lost count it was so many. Felt good to get those done, but then when we left at the end of the day, there was still a pile of them to work on. Sigh. We are going in tomorrow morning (yes, on Easter morning), to work some more, then heading to Auntie's for Easter dinner with my family. Kurt wanted to skip and work, but I can only take so much working, and skipping Easter dinner would really annoyed me.

My new necklace came in the mail and I like it. The charm part of it is slightly bigger than I was thinking it would be, but not in a bad way, just different. I think I am going to wear it to Easter dinner tomorrow, so if I do and I take pics, I will post one so you guys can see.

Kory got home from Florida on Friday, safe and sound. Britton spent the rest of the weekend here, so Gretel was super happy. Gretel loves Britton.

We went and bought Bugsy this really kewl, huge cat tree. We always feel badly for him because he does not hang out in the living room with us because Whiskey and Gretel are always harassing him and he has nowhere to hide. Anyway, he loves it! As soon as we put it by the window in the living room, he jumped onto it, and has pretty much only left to eat.

We tried to go to IKEA on Friday after work, but quickly turned around because the weather started to get really bad. We were going to pick up the seating I want for the office, but it can wait. Kory's truck was doing horribly on ice, and Canton is VERY far on roads when you are driving that slowly. Bummer. It's like I am never going to replace the benches in the entryway of the office, LOL.

Had dinner with Julia and Tony on Thursday night. It was really fun, but sad at the same time because they are moving this week! :(. They are driving, and making stops in Texas and Kansas to visit family. Julia already has a job lined up, and Tony will prob find something soon, I am sure. It's hard as a dr. to get a job without doing in person interviews. Julia gave me the shoes for the wedding that she picked up for me, and they are really cute. I really need to call David's Bridal and make an appointment for my dress fitting though....It came in a couple weekends ago and I keep forgetting to call. I was surprised it came in so quickly.

Hope everyone has a fabulous Easter holiday (for those of you who celebrate).

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