Monday, March 17, 2008

Lucky Can Be Bad (even on St .Patrick's Day)

So, I got my most recent issue of Lucky magazine a few days ago, and read it on the way to work today. Towards the back, there is this section where they feature certain designers, and give you a great discount with a code if you purchase from their site. They also have a bunch of contests. Usually, even with the discount, the stuff is more than I will spend. Do I love some of the stuff? Totally. But $300+ or a pair of shoes. Umm, no. $800 for a dress? Absolutely not. If that's your thing, fine. Everyone had a thing. I have a friend who probably has party dresses that each cost more than my entire wardrobe costs, but I just can't justify spending that on clothes. But I digress. I saw a necklace I loved. I looked at the price, expecting it to say like $500 or something which is typical for the stuff in that section of the mag. No! Not that much! And 25% off. Don't do it, Lori, don't go on the website. The designer is a former MODEL, I could not truly like her stuff, right?

Got to work and logged right on. Looked at some of the designer's other stuff and loved it, but nothing caught my eye like this necklace. So, I of course, emailed Amanda and Sarah, and immediately got Amanda's go ahead. Heh. Sarah did email me later in the day after it was too late and I already made the purchase. Yea, it took me all of like half a day to make the decision. I blame it entirely on Amanda(Simply because I need to blame it on SOMEONE).

No idea why I have to justify all purchases with reasons. Every time I see something I like, Kurt is like "Just BUY it already". He does not understand why I hem and haw over every little thing I buy. I am getting better, but I still think "hmm, do I really NEED that?" Today my excuse was, this day truly SUCKS. Mondays are horrible at the office, and the fact that my secretary is on maternity leave and Kory is on vacay did not help the situation, since I had to answer almost every call myself. And some of the calls today were really exasperating and testing my patience. Sadly, ordering this necklace helped and I felt slightly better, if only for a few minutes, LOL.

So, the site is located here. If you click on "shop", then "as seen in", the necklace is near the center. It is called "Eden". It has a really delicate, interesting chain, and the pendent is super interesting and different. I love being complimented on my jewelry, so I am always looking for eye catching, interesting pieces. If you like something on the site too, if you enter the coupon code "luckybreaks1", you can get 25% off, which rocks.

Kory got to Florida fine, even flying his weird airline I had never heard of. When I texted him today, he was bbqing and drinking beer after a day out on the boat. Bastard. I could not be any more jealous, sitting in MI in weather in the 20s.

Off to change the laundry over. HAPPY ST PATRICK'S DAY!


Anonymous said...

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Katie said...

The new necklace is super pretty :) And easily justifiable, especially with 25% off. I'd say it's a good purchase for a blah-type of Monday :)

Shannon said...

retail therapy is a totally real cure for what ails ya...I think its really cute...I would like it myself, and I know YOU deserve a treat! Stop being so hard on yourself and just buy the damn thing next time!