Sunday, March 16, 2008

Relief, Mac and Cheese and IKEA

Nick is OK. Phew. I was sick over it. Talked to my Mom today, and after various tests being done and coming back fine, they sent everyone home. They are still going to closely monitor how he is doing, but they think everything is fine. It's so hard with babies, because you can't *ask* them what is wrong. Sigh. My poor sister is exhausted.

We worked part of the day on Saturday. Came home and I decided to make my famous mac and cheese again (OK, maybe it's Martha Stewart's famous mac and cheese, but I like to say it's mine, hehe. It was fabulous, yet again. And I made enough for leftovers, so I had it again for dinner tonight, and will have it the next couple nights too. YUM. Love this recipe to pieces and highly recommend it. Oh, a sad thing happened. My fav ankle boots died. They are not real leather (since I normally try to not buy real leather), and the heels on the boots are starting to peel, kinda. Like are coming apart. I have worn them a LOT and have had them a couple years, so this is not unexpected. Anyway, ordered a new pair, in a brand I have never purchased, so hopefully, I like them! Gotta love the free shipping on this site!

Britton was over on Saturday night, as him and Kory left today to go to Fort Myers. Their old boss at a place they worked at in Glen Lake previously has a place there, so they had a beach, free room and board and lots of liquor. What more could a couple 20-somethings want? Nothing. Maybe some girls, but since Kory and Britton lack game, I am guessing the hook up stories will be nonexistent upon their return. Ha. I am sure they will have a blast though, and they are going to try and catch a Spring Training game, so I am course am super jealous that I am stuck in MI.

Today, since Kurt was still feeling under the weather, I decided to run some errands since I was getting close to being out of some provisions for the house. Stopped at Trader Joe's and picked up various cheeses, veggie chili, soup, frozen foods, blue corn chips, etc. Next, went to Sam's Club to pick up water, red bull, pop, yogurt, vitamins, Afrin for Kurt, toilet paper, chips, etc. Then, I decided to stop at IKEA to look at furniture for the office. The benches in our entryway really need to be replaced, but I don't want to spend a lot. Anyway, found a couple perfect ideas, but I had the Saturn, so I was not going to be transporting anything that large.....I may go back with Kory's truck to pick them up, since having them shipped from IKEA is crazy expensive. Like $300 expensive. AARGH. Made my first purchases at IKEA today too! I normally just walk around and become overwhelmed and leave. So, today I bought a downlike comforter for my bed (I wanted a lighterweight one for summer, mine right now is pretty heavy), new potholders for my kitchen, a kewl closet thing to hold some of Kurt's ties (I have been looking for something like this for a while), throw blankets (I was so psyched about these, as I have been looking for cheap throw blankets and under $4 is so freaking cheap), a larger measuring cup than the one I have, and some measuring spoons. Maybe other small stuff too. Oh, and I bought 6 picture frames, three for my bedroom and three for the sun room (three silver, three black, all 9 by 9). Now, I need to order pictures for those frames from Flickr. Stopped at Target after that to look at duvet covers, found nothing. Came home. It was a nice day of walking around by myself. :). I was supposed to go to my friend Kerry's, but I never heard back from her, so I just spent the day by myself, which was fun! :).

Really not looking to this week at work without Kory. It basically means I have to answer the phone A LOT and I am going to freaking hate it. Ugh. I am sure I will be OK, though, ;).


Katie said...

So glad to hear that Nick is doing better :)

Andrea said...

Nice finds, Lori! I'm looking for a duvet too so if you find any steals, let me know :-D

Glad to hear your nephew is doing okay!

.................Nancy said...

I love clicking all your purchase links and living vicariously through you!!

I'm sooo glad to hear that Nick is doing better!