Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Headaches Make me Random

Ugh. I have had this headache almost all day and nothing is making it go away. AARGH.

After Idol, I am going to pack for vacay and then go to bed and try to get rid of the damn thing.

Can't wait until tomorrow afternoon and leaving for Orlando! Even though I am going on business, it should be super fun. We have no set plans, so I have no idea what we are doing. I will of course, take my camera, and take pics of whatever it is we do.

Got my new ankle boots in the mail two days ago and have worn them the two days since. Super comfy! And fit perfectly. I am so lucking out with ordering shoes in the mail lately.

Got the Jeep back today from the shop. The starter we had put it last year died, so it was free to be replaced with warranty. Glad to have that back. Came home and Kurt cleaned out all the cars. I have no idea where he got the energy from.....Glad that is done too though.

Went to the ortho again on Monday (it's like every two weeks). They put in another power chain (stronger one), and told me that I still have to wear the rubber bands (bummer, but I figured I would have to since it has only been two weeks).

I am burning a candle in the living room right now.......I had them at the office, but cannot burn them there anymore.....Smells so good in here.

This is so freaking random, but my head hurts and I can't think too straight.....

Night all.


Rebecca said...

I was going to ask how the braces were coming along!

Ummm, I think you need to come in to see your favorite massage therapist for a beating :)

Lisa said...

Have fun in Orlando!!

.................Nancy said...

Have fun!!