Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I Curse Monroe County

OK, seriously. Does Mother Nature hate the state of Michigan and my area?

Dear Mother Nature:

It is now March 5. Yes, I repeat, March 5. The weather outside? It is weather that is more appropriate for January. And frankly? I don't get snow like this in my nice southern Michigan county--ever. I don't remember a winter like this in ages. NO NO NO. Northern Michigan, I get that. I grew up there. We once had snow on my birthday in mid-May. And that was sadly, completely expected. I just wanted to quickly write you this note as I think you may have been sidetracked and forgotten to start to bring Spring weather to my nice little home. Hmm. Or is this your sign to me to get the heck out of Michigan and move more quickly to a Central American country? Yea, the average temp in Panama this week has been like 85 degrees....

Thanks, hugs and kisses, Lori Anne

On a more positive note, I decided on mid high boots today v heels, and thank God for that. We went to drive out of the driveway today, and proceeded to completely, and totally get stuck. It royally sucks. We don't have someone to plow our drive, because, as I told Ms. Mother Nature above, we don't get snow like this in Monroe County. Especially in freaking March. Kurt went to get a shovel and we got out, but still. We are both wearing business clothing, and have to do this. What a fabulous start to the day. Then, the roads, all the way to the highway? Not only was there NO salt, they were not plowed whatsoever. I guess when schools close, the snowplow businesses are slower in getting things done. I am pleased with the use of my tax dollars right now, let me tell you. We almost got in an accident on the way to work (which never happens, Kurt is an awesome driver in the snow), because our car was dragging on the snow that was not plowed, causing it to move our car back and forth. Anyway, made it safely to work, and all is well.

Kurt has decided to go to Orlando with me for my school board trip. So, we need to decide exactly which days we are going. It will most likely be from Thursday after work until Monday evening, but I don't know for sure. Kurt really wants to catch a Spring Training game, but I don't think it's happening with our work schedule. We would have to move a lot of crap around on that Thursday morning schedule. I will have to do business stuff a lot of the trip, but Kurt will just go hang out with his brother and do other stuff. Some of the events and dinners at night are kewl, so Kurt can go to those with Jeff and I, plus, I am sure Kurt will want to see Sandra Day O'Connor's speak too, which will be the highlight of my trip for sure. I don't *admire* or aspire to be like many people, but she is up there.

I have been looking at things to do for my birthday this year too, but am kinda at a loss. We are going to LA in June, so I don't really know if I want to go anyplace so close to my birthday. We were looking at maybe flying to Arizona to see some Tigers games (they are there that weekend), but who knows.

Anyway, I am procrastinating in order to not work, so I am cutting myself off here.....

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Katie said...

I hear you on the snow. I am SO sick of it. It took me 2 hours to get to work today. GRRR. And I kinda ran over a plant in my front yard, because I couldn't tell where the driveway ended and the landscaping began. Oops.
Orlando, eh? You should definitely partake in some Disney action ;) I can recommend some awesome things to see :)
You have definitely put the travel bug in me again (not that it was ever gone...) Aahh, I wanna go somewhere. Now.