Sunday, March 02, 2008

Wedding Fever

Worked all day on Saturday. Fun! Not. LOL. Necessary though, and I am still not caught up on paperwork, but did put a huge dent in it which made me feel better.

Sunday, I had to run errands. I went to David's Bridal to try on and order my dress for Julia's wedding in June. Of course, they did not have my size to try on. I could try on either a 4 or a 24. Umm, yea, I would not be fitting into either of those........So, I tried on a similar dress and just ordered the same size I ordered for my sister's wedding and will cross my fingers. The dress she wants is in the color Marine, which I really like. So, once then comes in, I will be fitted and all set. I think she is going to let me wear the silver sandals I already own instead of buying new ones, and she is buying everyone jewelry as a gift. Kurt needs to go get fitted for his tux next. After that, stopped at Target to pick up a couple things I needed (including Pantene detangler which I cannot live without and am almost out of GASP). Next, I had two awesome coupons that expired today at NY and Co ($20 off of $40), so I bought two pairs of pants for work, two necklaces, and two shirts for work. Stopped at Macy's next and found two awesome deals. One, the robe type I have been working for at a low price! And a suit, marked down from $250 to $69. Yay. Heart good suit deals. From a brand called Le Suit that I have never heard of before, and I really like the fit.

Went to dinner tonight with Auntie and Carl at Pete's Garage, which was fun and forced me to clean my house somewhat. Also started transferring more to my closet and organizing.

The weather was SOOO nice today here. It was 61 degrees in Newport at one point. Sadly, it is now SNOWING, and expected to snow more tomorrow. Seriously, I am craving Spring.


Katie said...

That's a super pretty dress - you'll look great in it!
When's the wedding?

Good scores on the shopping! :)

Andrea said...

I need to go shopping for some more work clothes! I got the coupons too for NY and Co. I wish I had taken advantage of them. Oh well..

I love the bridesmaid dress. Very pretty.

.................Nancy said...

I'm so jealous! I need new clothes like crazy!! :P