Monday, March 10, 2008

Braces and Therapy

Ugh. Pain. And tired. Went to the ortho today for appointment number two, and I have to say, I love how I get special treatment when I go in. That place is CRAZY busy (and now that Rebecca knows that they have Guitar Hero to play while you wait, I think she wants to switch doctors, hehe). Anyway, both times I have been in, the actual owner has worked on me. Love it. He is a hilarious guy, so he makes the experience less annoying. Anyway, one of my braces had fallen off on Sunday and another came off while they were working on me, they replaced those two and then put in this power chain, and yea, ow already. Then they put these things in the back of the right hand side of my mouth called "Buttons". They are there so I can wear rubber bands that go from the top of my mouth to the bottom so correct my slight underbite on that side of my mouth in the back. Yea, I am not liking this. But, I will do as they say so I can be done with the place soon. Damn me for not keeping my retainer from when I was a kid and avoiding all of this. Anyway, the rubber bands are horrible. I have a slight headache from them, which Kurt said he got as well when he first got them. Speaking of medical stuff, Kurt had physical therapy again today, and says that he thinks he is feeling better. Who knows, but I have not noticed him grimacing in pain as much from his injury.

Work was crazy busy again. Which makes me even more exhausted, so I think I am going to go to bed and try to get rid of this headache.

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Katie said...

Your braces pains are totally taking me back to my childhood days with the elastics and retainers and so on that I never wore. I'm so glad my orthodontist knew what a slacker I was, and put a permanent retainer behind my teeth (will have it for the rest of my life) because I NEVER would have worn the retainer, and I would've been super pissed that my teeth had shifted since then. LOL.

Good luck!