Thursday, March 06, 2008

Highlights, Lent, Little Tree, Babies and Bermuda

Went to Royal Oak last night and got my hair highlighted and cut, yay. I got more layers put in and am slightly more blonde, for Spring. Which hey, it's supposed to be here soon and does not feel like. Ugh. Went to dinner afterwards with Rebecca at Little Tree and had yummy food. I heart Little Tree and dinners with Rebecca. Deanna was supposed to meet up with us with Ben, but Ben was not feeling well so they did not make it. I actually scheduled my next hair appointment while at the salon, which is a first for me. But I really should do more often because I prefer Saturday appts and those fill up super fast with my stylist.

Kurt went to physical therapy appointment number two today. The therapist is starting to think he is really showing the symptoms of impingement syndrome. I was like, impingement what? So, I had to google it. They are still not for sure on any of this, and it appears from my reading that impingement syndrome can result in rotator cuff tears, so he may have a tear in result of the syndrome. I know Kurt is going to milk this for all it's worth, LOL. Tonight, he was like "Can you grab me a pop? It's too hard to get up with my *syndrome*." He was totally kidding, you you can see my point here. Men and being babies when injured, I swear.

OK, and I am going to pick on Rebecca for a moment, but......Lent. We were at dinner and she was telling me a story, which led to her making the comment that she gave up fast food for Lent. This coming from someone who I don't think *religious* whatsoever, and has been to church maybe 5 times in the past 15 years. Not that I think you have to go to church to be religious. Then she says she gave up fast food, but NOT like Subway, etc. because that is not really fast food because they don't have a drivethru, LOL. And she gave up pizza, but not GOOD pizza, like that in Chicago when she was on vacay. OK, there is a point here. I am not picking on Rebecca, in fact, I think she is hilariously cute because she is more giving up the food because it's bad for her and not truly for Lent. But other people? If you are going to GIVE UP something for Lent, because it's important to you, GIVE IT UP. Don't be like, OH, well, I give up alcohol, with the exception of wine. Or, hmm, I give up candy, but not chocolate. It just bothers me when supposed religious people who go to church and the like will take these traditions and eff around with them so they fit their needs. Anyway, vent over.

We were at lunch today and I was complaining about the new snowstorm that is supposedly hitting Michigan again tomorrow. AARGH. So, I said to Kurt, "can we just fly out someplace tomorrow afternoon and get away from this crap?" His response "sure, where are we going?" And he was totally serious! But, I don't really have the energy to plan a weekend right now. Sadly, i am so tired from working, that I don't feel like packing and planning. I did Expedia Bermuda flights, but once I saw the layover and stuff, I gave up on planning. I would love nothing more right now, then to lay on a beach with a drink and relax. And anyone who knows me knows that statement shows I am tired because I am not a beach trip kinda person. And I am craving that right now.

Nick is now 6 days old. My sister is exhausted. Apparently, Nick is not going to be an easy baby, at least yet. He cries a lot, and she feels horrible and like she is doing a bad job and is not a good Mommy. :(. Anyway, I am sure things will be fine and she and he will figure life out, but please say a little prayer for my sister to get some rest and Nick to start to enjoy being in the world....I don't really blame him though. MI sucks right now. I would have preferred to have stayed where he was too, it I were him! :).


Rebecca said...

You should stay over in Florida an extra couple of days when you go at the end of the month!

.................Nancy said...

What is it with freaking people in Michigan and their constant traveling! Okay.. well the 2 Michiganners I know... I'm moving to Michigan! :P

Katie said...

I don't think babies are ever really all that easy in their first few days. I remember my nieces, and GAHHHH, that's enough to make me never want kids. LOL. They usually iron themselves out within the first month though, once they get used to actually being part of the world. Best wishes for your sister :)

I am also concerned about this stupid snowstorm. I'm driving to Buffalo tonight and I'm just PRAYING that I actually make it there (and then back again) in one piece.

Lisa said...

Aw, hugs to your sister! She's still adjusting and she'll be a great mommy! I went through the same thing with Saige.