Thursday, March 13, 2008

He's Not in Contempt of Court

So, Kurt went to the doctor today for his cold (pursuant to Judge's Orders, hehe), right after his physical therapy appointment. I think Kurt has spent more time at a doctor's office in the past week then he has in the almost 12 years i have known him.....Anyway, he just has a really bad cold. The doc wrote him a scrip for a nose spray, and just told him to get Mucinex. Also wrote him a scrip for his allergy pills for Spring coming up, which is good.

Had a school board meeting tonight, and found out that I am staying at a Hilton while in Orlando. Gotta love free hotels! :). They gave me my hotel check, and I booked our airfare today as well! Flying Spirit, we are leaving on Mar 27 and returning on the 31st. Should be fun. Friday and Monday I should get to go some fun stuff, but school board stuff will encompass most of Saturday and Sunday. I still need to rent a car, but that's all that's left to do. I just need to compare prices and get the best deal. We will for sure want a convertible, Florida's weather is PERFECT for that right now. Even though Florida is not my fav place in the world to visit, it will be SO nice to get away for the office for a few days. Two office days, anyway.

Kurt's stock method is still working fabulously. I keep waiting for it not too anymore, but it has now worked for like 4.5 months. If this keeps up, we could truly retire in the next few years, which is amazing. I really don't get my hopes up, because you never know, but assuming Apple stock stays at volatile as it has been, we are going to continue to make a killing. We are really lucky being able to execute the trades every day and working for ourselves......I will be so happy if I never have to open the doors of my office ever again, and can retire in Panama, just focusing on photography and helping animals. It will be so nice to be in fabulous weather daily, walk on the beach whenever I want, and hike every single day. OK, I have to stop talking about this, it's making me really want to retire, LOL.


Rebecca said...

Yeah, Kurt needs to e-mail me the apple method, I want to try it...appliances are expensive!

Katie said...

You have no idea how jealous you will make the rest of the WORLD if you are able to retire in your 30's. Shut up. LOL ;) And I say that with as much love as possible. :)

Go to Disney World while you're in Orlando... or at least Downtown Disney :) For me!

Andrea said...

Have fun in Florida. Enjoy the warm weather!

Jim's big on the stock market and heavily saving right now. But I definitley don't think he's as good as Kurt. Way to go with retiring in your 30's!

.................Nancy said...

OMG!! That's amazing!! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get to accomplish that! Now, can Kurt help me get ahead just enough so that I'm not behind on my bills just because I spent a little money on clothes this month? ugh. :(