Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Heather's Blog Challenge #27

I am in a bitchy mood today. I will blame it on PMS, but I don't think it's really that because I don't really get PMS.....Anyway. Onto Heather's blog challenge. Because of my mood, I have chose to write a non-nice letter v an inspirational one, LOL.

Dear Certain People in My Life (dealing with my office):

I am a busy person. If you need something, of course, call me. But, please call ONCE and leave a message. Again, I am busy. Return phone calls do not always happen within two minutes. Or two seconds. If I do not call back right away, please WAIT for me to call back. Every time you call my office and waste time leaving another message, you are backing up my office even further. And annoying the hell out of me. Also, if I don't call back right away, please do not stop into the office to try and catch me there. If I don't call back right away, there is a REASON. Usually, I am meeting with clients, working on rush documents, on another line or in court. Further, stop leaving messages stating that something is an emergency, unless it really is one. Your wife calling you and threatening that she is going to throw her wedding ring into a lake is not an emergency. Your child being taken across state lines and hidden is. Notice the slight difference. I will call everyone back as quickly as I can, which is usually within 24 hours. Thanks for your attention.

Love, Your Very Busy and Hardworking Atty

***Note: most clients respect my time and only call when necessary and with important questions. The ones who don't though, drive me absolutely insane. I had someone the other day call at 1245, then call again at 105 to remind my assistant that he called at 1245 and had not heard back, then called again at 130. I was in appointments this entire time. Exasperating.

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