Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Friends, Shocking Events, and Unpacking

Had a really nice night. :). First, had an appointment with Roman to get my hair highlighted and cut. This was long overdue. I was supposed to go like a month ago, but had to reschedule because I had a work conflict. I only go every three months, and today was four. Ugh. With the summer months though, my highlights last longer because my hair bleaches out from the sun. Anyway. Got to chat with Roman, cut an inch of hair off, get my layers back, and get fabulous new highlights. Yay. I love it. Afterwards, met up with Rebecca and Lesley (who I have not seen in forever) for dinner at Little Tree. YUM. Love Little Tree. Had soup and susgi and some crab wontons. So tasty. And got to catch up with Lesley and harass Rebecca. What more could a girl ask for? hehe.

I called my Mom on the way to Royal Oak and asked what she was up to...She told me that my stepDad's Mom died! I had no idea she was sick. I feel really badly for my stepDad and his Dad. She was only 64 years old. I guess she had something wrong with her pancreas, and they did an operation, where they took care of it, found cancer and removed that as well. The surgery supposedly went well, then when she was recovering the next day, she took a turn for the worse. And then died. It just shows you that life is SO short, and to appreciate the time you have with people. Everyone was relieved the surgery went well and BOOM the next day, she was gone. It's horrible. My mom said everyone is doing OK, considering. They are doing an autopsy, so the funeral will not be this weekend while I am up there. Kinda glad about that because funerals really depress me........

Finally started unpacking the backpacks from the Nicaragua trip. Yea, we are slightly behind. LOL. Threw half the stuff in the washing machine, so I am getting there. Needed some of the stuff to pack for my manistee trip. :).

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My thoughts and prayers are with your family!