Thursday, July 17, 2008

Loss of power

Last night, while watching the ONE show I actually watch on regular TV, The Baby Borrowers, the power went out. We rarely lose power at our house, so I was confused......Went outside and looked around and it appeared that nobody else had power either. I called into DTE Energy to tell them, just to get a message thanking me for calling in and telling me my power would be on within 9 hours. How's that for an automated system....So, Kurt and I, being helpless without power, ended up playing chess on my computer, hoping it would not die......He beat me, but it was fun anyway. I was half asleep, and still swear that I would have won if I was awake more. Chess is kinda like pool though, you gotta have patience, and I just don't really have that when being competitive.

Been busy at the office. Kory is up north for cherry season so we are one less at the office, which is annoying for me because I have to answer the phone more then. Thankfully, he will be back on monday.......

SOOOO hot here today. When I stepped outside to go home after the work day, I kinda had a flash of Vegas in my head. Besides the fact that it is super muggy here and not there, the temp and heat felt like Vegas to me when we have been there in the summer. I did not even go with Kurt and the pugs on their walk because I knew the hear would get to me. Instead I fed the birds, changed some garbages, watered my flowers, and did some laundry. I swear, it's never ending at this house with stuff to do.


.................Nancy said...

It's like that at my house too! It seems like my to-do list is NEVER ending!!

Mindy said...

I always love when we lose power. So much so that sometimes I'm tempted just to go shut it off for the night. Tell the kids "oh, it must have went out." But not in the summer.

It's monsoon here - so we are hot and muggy here, too. 109 today with 30% humidity - which - for the desert - is like the rain forest. :)

Don't you hate how there is ALWAYS so much to do? I do.