Saturday, July 26, 2008

Todd Jones Sucks and other various weekend Fun

**Kurt and I, watching the White Sox take batting practice, pre-game (near our seats as well)

OK, I guess that may be harsh, but I was not very happy with the way he lost the Tigers game in the 9th for the Tigs on Friday night. Kurt and I went to the game, and it was my first game in a LONG time. First game this year, and I never went to a game last year. I love going to games, but like my weekends too, and don't like driving to Detroit and spending a lot of time there on the weekends, since I am there a lot of the week with work and court. Anyway. Bought seats on eBay right behind home plate, row 10. Awesome seats. We got there early because i wanted to watch batting practice, purchased our nachos, and just kinda sat and chilled. SOOO nice. Our section had iot's own waiters, so I ended up ordering a drink, just because it was convenient. Got buzzed on my one Mike's Hard Lemonate. Gotta love being a light weight! ;). Click here to see the rest of the Tigers pics.

**Leyland, pre-game (before he made the stupid decision to bring Jones in for the 9th and lose the game). Happier times.....Heh.

Had a fabulous time at the game, then headed home and to bed.

Today, got up and headed to breakfast with Rebecca. Newport Cafe is serving their famous blueberry pancakes, so I got those. To DIE for. Headed to Canton after that to go to the Ann Arbor Botanical Gardens with Auntie, then to Sams Club and Joe's for some groceries and such that we both needed. Also had lunch at Papa Vino's, which I have never been to before. Nice afternoon. Loved being outside, but it was HOT. I could not have taken being out much longer than we were. Wow. Muggy in MI right now. We had 14 huge trees delivered to the house today, which Kurt and Kory planted, and later, Britton helped plant as well. We put in three corkscrew willow near the pond, two sweet gum in the yard (which supposedly attract squirrels, so hopefully that works), and various others further back in the yard. I will have to take a walk in the morning to check everything out. Click here to see the rest of the garden pics.


Rachael said...

was Bonderman pitching?? thats a cute pic of you guys!

by the way, i need your email address so i can add you to my blog. i had to block it, really nervous about people at work being able to search it :)

Andrea said...

Awesome baseball pics! Can I ask what kind of lense you used?

Lori Anne Haskell said...

Racheal: Robertson was pitching. Love him. And, my email is me, please! ;).

Lori Anne Haskell said...

Andrea: I use a Sigma 28-300mm that I bought on eBay. I love it. It's basically my every day lens. I have never used the lens that came with the camera, and use that one 90% of the time. The other 10%, I use my 105mm Macro lens (Sigma as well).

Rebecca said...

I don't even know why Todd Jones is still playing, he seems to blow it just about every time they bring it out.

.................Nancy said...

I love the picture of you two!!