Monday, July 14, 2008

Mail Order on the Weekend

Aargh. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not.....Got my Sephora order and my White House Black Market order tonight. Did not like anything in the clothing order. The skirt fit well, but the material is horrible for me, it is kinda shiny black and I can tell it needs to be ironed like every 5 minutes. The top is kinda ugly on for some reason, I am just not digging it. And the flip flops are not comfortable at all, which is a prob for flip flops. White House shoes run kinda narrow though, that may be why I dont like them too. Of course, love everything from Sephora though, without even trying it, LOL.

Weekend was fun. Friday night, we met up with our friends Tammy and Tom at Bob's Boathouse in Wyandotte, which was a blast. The place is new, and is a huge old boat warehouse. The inside is a restaurant, the outside a tiki bar, and it is right on the water. Dinner wasa good, and we sat outside with drinks the rest of the night. Tom is ready to quit his job to invest his entire 401k in Kurt's stock method. Yea, talked him out of that. I think. :). Saturday, I had lunch with my friend, Hollie, at Red Lobster in Southgate. After that, headed to Westland to help move my Grama into the senior apartments she is residing at, at least temporarily. She is not happy about it, but she needs to be someplace before her house can at least be made handicapped accessible. I basically did not do too much moving, but instead sat and talked to my Grama and helped unpack some boxes. Also ran to Target to pick her up a wreath for her door (all the other residents have them), a toaster oven (hers is so shot) and a garbage can for her kitchen. I had not bought her bday presents yet, so this was it......That night, had dinner with Kurt at Quatro's.....Sunday morning, had breakfast with Judy and Ruth from the Board, then Kurt and I worked the rest of the day. Got a lot of paperwork done.

Tonight, had a Board meeting. I am going to post a Secret Blog about that, but will do so another time because I am off to bed.......

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.................Nancy said...

I wish I knew Kurt's stock method AND had money to invest! hehe.