Saturday, July 19, 2008

Windchimes at Grama's

Got up today and decided to head to Canton to visit my Grama at her new place and hang with my Aunt. We were going to go to an art fair or maybe out taking pics, and of course, on my drive over, it started to pour. So, we started out by picking up some stuff at my Grama's house and taking it to her at her new place. Which turned into a 2 hour event. My Grama had a list of things for Aunt Karen to get for her, and she had to explain each and every one in great details. Sigh. I like to go see her, but I am not a slow moving person and stuff like that just KILLS me. While she was talking to Aunt Karen, I kinda zoned out and surfed the net on my phone. Saw my dad too, who pulled up as we were leaving.

The rain had let up, kinda, by then, so we stopped and had lunch at Qdoba (where I had never been before) and then headed to the Farmington Art Fair. Qdoba was just OK. I have friends who rave about it, but I would rate it simply OK. My food was good, but Moe's simply blows it out of the water. I think it may have something to do with the fact that I am vegetarian, and they did not have much in that regard on the menu, and I am always sad when Mexican places do not have shrimp or fish options. Moe's fish tacos are to DIE for, more Mexican places should take their lead. The art fair was nice to walk around, did not see anything much I wanted, until I saw this really unique, kewl wind chime. It is made out of old anethesia bottles from the hospital, copper and cobalt blue crystals and beads. Hung it on my backporch and love it. One of the most unique windchimes I have ever seen. I will take a pic when I get a second.....Of course, it started to rain again, so we stopped into TJ Maxx and then headed home. We had seen about everything at that point anyway.

Headed home after that to work out and make dinner. Watched the Tigers lose on a horrible call by the ump. Bah.

I am praying for no rain tomorrow, as I would really like to get out with my camera. Rebecca is coming over and we are supposed to head out to botanical gardens and I am really looking forward to it a lot.

Oh, exciting news! Kurt saw deer tracks at the pond today! We have seen deer a few times in the yard over our years living here, but it is way kewl that they have discovered the pond. I am hoping this means now that they know water is here, they will come back more often. He also saw my squirrel friend who only makes very short appearances. Yay.

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