Sunday, December 14, 2008

Can't hardly Wait

Took the pugs for their baths and nail trims last night. They were all supposedly, really good! Which is great, because they all hate getting their nails trimmed. They use the "grinder" now, so many that made a difference. Who knows.

Soooooo, we are all packed. Waited until late afternoon, which is pretty normal for us, LOL, but we are packed. Each of us packed our hiking backpacks, my camera backpack is ready, the computer bag is ready, and one extra plane bag is ready, and the toiletries bag. I am shocked Kurt fit everything in his backpack, as he brought a TON of stuff into the kitchen to throw in, and I thought there was no way in hell he was fitting in in there, LOL. Somehow, he did.

Oh, and I did all my Xmas cards this afternoon, after getting home from work. I wrote out 120. I should have bought more, because I did not have enough to send them to everyone I wanted to. Close enough though. Kory is going to mail them for me at the office tomorrow. I am shocked I got them done before we left, so yay! Now, I dont have to write them all out when I get back! :).

Our travel agent called for a last minute check-in today, although I did not really need anymore info.....She has been so on top of everything, I would recommend her agency to anyone, but since they only do Galapagos, Peru, etc., most people prob woudl not be able to use her. They were the most organized, informative place I have ever dealt with.

Anyway, everyone, have an awesome holiday season. Talk to you when I get back....


Rebecca said...

Holy crap, 120? That's probably why I'm not sending out cards, I would want to send one to like, everyone I know.

Have a great time!

Brittany said...

Have a great time!