Thursday, November 02, 2006

Day Two of the Challenge

So, I am exhausted, but i will not let the challenge defeat me. I shall post each and every day! Muhaha.

Just watched Grey's, and thought it was somewhat amusing that one of the patients was a girl studying for the bar exam--that had already failed 5 times. Thank GOD that is not me. I am so glad I don't have to sit through that thing again, it really was pure hell.

Bugsy was being super cute this morning. We had our bedroom door closed. He was on one side, Vito was on the outside. Bugsy was lying upside down, sticking his paw under the door and really making Vito jealous and mad because HE wanted to be in our bedroom. Bugsy is such a little brat. Which is why I love him, ;).
So, no family in town. I had this feeling they would not come. Kellie called Kory and told him that they are leaving at 4 in the morning tomorrow, visiting the college, then driving right back up north! They are going to be sooo exhausted. I guess Kendra had to work tonight and on Saturday morning, so this is the only way they could see the college tomorrow.

A friend of mine wrote me today saying she is thinking about going back to school, to law school. I think that is so kewl. A law degree is so helpful in any career, really. Even if you are not a practicing attorney, law school teaches you so much about everything in business. I really hope she ends up getting into Wayne and not Cooley, because Wayne is so much more laid back, which is nice when you are in a stressful environment.

It's funny. I have an acquaintance who is online a lot, but never responds to my emails. It puzzles me. This individual says that they are just busy, but they have not taken two seconds out of their day to write me and congratulate me on my bar passing or board job or anything. It's funny that people who read this blog, or others I know online, have told me they are proud of me, etc., but this particular real life friend has said nothing. I think that says a lot about the state of our supposed friendship, LOL. Sometimes I wonder about the psychological state of people like this. It's almost like they don't want good things to happen to other people--it makes them retreat from conversation/friendship. If bad things are going on, they are all over those emails to help and respond, but if someone else is doing well, it's not worth their time. It's almost like they need constant drama/depressed events, whatever, to exist. It's interesting. I guess I have a hard time understanding because I enjoy my friendships that just come naturally. Which is how ALL of them pretty much work.

Anyway, this post was completely and totally random, but may be telling of how tired I actually am right now and I should get to bed. Talk to everyone tomorrow.


Rebecca said...

Aww Bugsy :)

I know some people like that, it's's like they can't be happy for people if things with their life isn't so great. I'll just have to be twice as happy for you!

Lori Anne Haskell said...

Thanks Rebecca! it's the rest of my friends, like you, who make up for the morons in my life.....

Shannon said...

I know you're not talking to me! You know better than that! In case I have failed to mention, I am so extremely proud of everything your are accomplishing! I am forever bragging about my 'friend Lori' who does this..and that...and this...and is so smart and pretty...People around here think I am in love with you...I am totally not, but I think I am stalking you!

Shannon said...

and as for that challenge,,,,I have already lost, I am the master of my domain!

Lori Anne Haskell said...

Shannon, LOL, of course I am not talking about you! And really, with this person I am referring to (who btw, does not know about this blog), the reason they annoy me is because I think they purposefully don't say anything. Like they can't stand complimenting someone else on accomplishments. Aargh.