Saturday, November 18, 2006

My Favorite

I had a great day. Except for the brief stint at the office this morning. We planned on working this morning, so Kurt scheduled an appointment for someone to finish up their probate paperwork. I was so not in the mood to be business-like this morning. But, we finished it and another case at the office can be closed, so that is good.

After that, headed to Ferndale to get my "hair did" at Sinbad's with Marnie. Got a couple inches cut off, and new wonderful highlights. I love the way Marnie does them. I can go over three months between highlights, and they still don't really need to be done at that time. She does colors pretty close to my natural color, and mixes in a lot of my own color, so it always looks great. Yay for Marnie. Afterwards, I went to Rebecca's so she could try a new massage technique on me involved hot stones.....ummmm, loved it. I heart Rebecca, her massages keep me sane. We went to "lupper" (a combo of lunch and dinner) after that at Monterrey. I had spicy shrimp fajitas that were awesome. We stopped at Astoria after that and picked up some desserts. I bought Kurt some chocolate mousse, Kory an oreo cheesecake and myself tiramisu. Triple yum.

Been home the rest of the night, chilling on the couch. Sad that Michigan lost the big game, it was soooo close.


Kelsie said...

Um. Yeah. It is "Linner" not "Lupper" Heh. Even my Detroit friend calls it Linner, so it isn't just a southern thing. ;)

Massage sounds fabulous. I want a Rebecca! I heart my hair girl, she sounds a lot like Marnie. I love that I can go months without having major roots!

Lori Anne Haskell said...

I thought it was linner as well until I looked it up online and found I was incorrect...or perhaps it can be called either? Click my link!

Yay for great hair peeps!

Kelsie said...

Heh. You are right. I was just picking on you before.

I do still like linner better than lupper. Lupper sounds too funny. I think I am still going to use my made up term. ;)