Saturday, November 04, 2006

Party All the Time

**Pic above is of me, before the party. I love a sparkly silver shirt, black dress pants, Steve Madden heels.........I even kinda curled my hair, which is rare, but I love it that way.......I was trying to get Bugsy to pose, but that does not work so well...I love my kitty. :).

Not really. But tonight, we went to a party for our friend, Tom....It was his 40th b-day party, a surprise. It was a great party....but, we were both tired, so we did not stay too late. I got to talk a ton to Hollie and Jim, as well as Angela and John, so that was fun! Also took a few pics for Tam--she never remembers to take a ton of pics, and always likes when I send her a bunch.

Before the party, earlier in the afternoon, my Mom and stepDad came over for the day. We went to a guitar/drum store in Monroe, then to TJ Maxx, Elder Beerman and some other stores at the mall. Went to lunch at Ruby Tuesday. I really wish my Mom lived down here.......We would do stuff together all the time, I know it. And we are both huge bargain shoppers, so I would have fun looking for deals with her. :).

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Anonymous said...

I wish I was closer to my mom, too.