Saturday, November 25, 2006

Feels Like Sunday

These holiday weekends totally mess with me. All day long, it has felt like Sunday. I am so psyched to have another weekend day tomorrow!

Anyhow. Slept in this morning, or tried to. We let Oscar sleep with us last night, and Vito was up early crying because he wanted in our room. Bastard. Finally, we got up because Vito needed us so badly. But, I did get to sleep in until about 11 a.m. Yay.

After that, took a shower and headed to the store to buy my Aunt some flowers or a plant as a Thanksgiving gift, since she was making dinner. I ended up getting her this really kewl plant. Also stopped in and got my eyebrows waxed at Nautica, i was so glad that they could fit me in.

Came home and we tried to head to Canton. At about the half way point, I got a flat tire. Kurt changed it, but did not want to drive on it, so we drove home and got the Jeep and ended up being an hour late. Oh well, better late than never, right? My Aunt's meal was awesome. She made the customary turkey, but also made meatless meatballs since Kurt and I don't eat turkey. SO SO GOOD. She gave me the leftovers. I cant wait to eat them tomorrow. She had awesome appetizers too. And for dessert, one of my favs, banana creme pie.

Now I am home for the night and lazy. Watching the USC game, but don't really know why since they are KILLING Notre Dame.

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ubctress said...

Your blog is really fun to read! You spend a lot of time on with all the links and stuff, eh? I should do that. My blog is pretty dull, I should start to add more links and pictures.
Sounds like you had some good family dinners this weekend!