Monday, November 06, 2006

Early to Bed

At least tonight. I am exhausted, and I have no idea why. All day long, I have just wanted to go to sleep, and it has not gotten any better since I got home. So after this post, I am heading to bed early.

Today was so slammed at work. Mondays, the phone just rings off the hook. It drives me bonkers when people call checking on the status of their paperwork because every call I take, umm, it takes even longer to get paperwork done and printed. But nobody gets that. I am one person, I can only do so much in one day. Argh.

I so so so want my bar number. I got sworn in before most people did, since I happen to know a licensed attorney, wink wink. Sent my stuff in last Tues, and still have nothing. This might not bother me, except for the fact that my friend, Kellie, who sent her stuff in the day AFTER I sent in mine, has had her bar number since last Friday! I called today to check on it though because they "supposedly" process them in the order received. The lady called back and left a message that she found mine, and it would be processed today. Yea. Umm, still don't have my number. Hopefully, tomorrow. It would have been helpful for the morning as Kurt has three hearings and I could have covered at least one for him. Not now.....

Tomorrow is voting day. I think I have finally decided how I am voting. Straight ticket Democratic, as usually. And for the proposals, as follows: 1-no, 2-no, 3- no, 4-yes, 5-yes. I feel the most strongly probably about Prop 4. And I have gone back and forth on Prop 1 and still may change my mind before I vote tomorrow night, who knows. We have appointments until 630, then we will head out immediately to the polls.

I have so many things I need to do, but never have enough hours in the workday. I am going to list a couple here so I can try to remember.

1. Call a heating guy for the house. Our heat downstairs stopped working on Friday night. We have the fireplace on though, which I love, so it has still been fine in the house. If it gets any colder though, we are all going to be hanging out upstairs where the heat IS working.

2. Call Marnie and make a hair appointment. My roots actually do not look bad, but I really need a trim because all my layers are getting to be the same length, which I hate. And maybe I will do something different with color for winter. I heart Marnie. I love how I can get in with her right away too and don't have to wait ages. I am not good at scheduling appointments way in advance.....

3. Call the Federal Courts to get info on getting sworn in there, send in more money. I was sworn in for State Courts, but Federal Courts is separate and of course, more $$. Plus, Kurt does not "know" any Fed Court Judges, so I will have to make an appointment. Blasphemy.

4. Call and change my dentist appointment. They scheduled me for a night I have a board meeting. Must change. One of my resolutions has been to get in there every 6 months, and it has been exactly 6 months.

5. Call and make a dermotoligist (sp) appointment for Kurt. He is out of his shampoo that is prescription, and no longer uses his old doctor.

6. Call and schedule a massage/facial/something with the spa I have a gift card too. I want to finish up the gift card. I love free services.

7. Shop. I really need more workish clothes. I got some great stuff at Kohl's and TJ Maxx a couple weekends ago, but I don't like doing laundry constantly and I will need to if I don't get some more stuff. I would love some more button down cute shirts, and maybe some more dress pants, a couple more suits. And some cute comfy shoes. Any suggestions on shoe brands anyone? :).

8. Call and make the pugs a grooming appointment. They all need baths and nail clippings. I wish they would let us do the nail clipping thing, but no. They hate it and squirm way too much.

9. Catch up on paperwork at the office. I am slightly behind, but hope to remedy that by the end of the week.

10. Grocery shop. We have like, umm, nothing, in this house.

That's about it for now. I will add to the list and cross things out, as done. Maybe this will help me. I am usually organized, but I have so much on my plate, sometimes it's hard to remember everything......


MegWalterbach said...

Wow - your to-do list really made me tired. No wonder you're going to bed early.

Rebecca said...

You should just hire me as your personal assistant when I don't have clients :)

I responded to your post about shoes, Dansko and Born are great if you're looking for comfort (they're not butt ugly either, depending on your definition of butt ugly).

And I'm so glad you heart Marnie!!! Make sure you let me know when your appointment is so I don't book clients (unless you want to come in).

Lori Anne Haskell said...

Megan! I did not know you used Blogger! Yay! And thanks for the advice on shoes, Rebecca......I so need to buy some more. I hate dress shoes. Ugh. and I will totally tell you when my appt is, as soon as I make one.

Kelsie said...

I am a Nine West & Bandolino kind of girl when it comes to dress shoes. We have a Nine West Outlet just down the street (2 actually - one is close to work & the other is close to my house). I have been shopping there recently.

I also bought a pair of Liz Claiborne Flex heels many years ago (not sure they still make them) but those were THE most comfortable heels ever. I literally wore the soles off of them. At the time, I worked in administration at a huge hospital and had to walk all over the place. They were perfect for that.

Lori Anne Haskell said...

Thank you, Kelsie! I love Nine West as well, and there is an outlet in a couple places around here......I *think* I used to have a pair of Bandolinos as well, but one of my dogs as a puppy chewed on one, and I think I really liked them. I so need to get to a store. Pronto. And I so need to look for those Liz's you spoke of!

lenebene20 said...

this is late... but I have found a new brand of pants that I LOVE! I hope you have a Kohls around you... It's called Apt 9(sold in Kohls). They fit really well, wash very well, and always look nice (even with my crazy traveling)! Plus they are cheap, compared to name brands.