Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Undefined Location

So, need to post really quickly because I don't know if I will be online again for the rest of the day/night.....After work, I am leaving and driving to a location I am not revealing at the I am surprising someone and showing up for Thanksgiving. Hopefully, that person does not read this and figure out what I am doing. :). I am all packed and will be back online full-time on Friday night. If I can get online, I will blog tomorrow, if not, I will just post my blog for tomorrow on Friday night. I promise to take pics on my journey and update my Flickr account once I return.

In the spirit of the holidays, here are some things I am really thankful for this year.

1. My Family and Friends, including my awesome pets.
2. My health and the health of those in my life being well.
3. Finishing my education, passing the bar, starting my 'real' career.
4. Getting involved in my community (the board appointment).
5. The Democrats taking over the House and Senate. (ha).
6. My business doing well.

That's it for now, because I am slammed at work! What are you all thankful for?

Just wanted to wish everyone a great Thanksgiving holiday before I left. Hugs!


Lisa said...

Happy Turkey day!! And have fun at that someone's home!!

Rebecca said...

Be safe! And you don't need to drive over here to surprise me!!! ;)