Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Off to See Billy......

OK, not quite......I am going to see Movin' Out at the Fisher Theatre tonight. The music is based on my favorite musical act ever, Billy Joel. I have actually already seen the show once, but it is part of my season ticket package again this year and we decided to see it again because I absolutely loved it the first time. I love anything to do with Billy Joel. Yay.

I wanted to blog before leaving because I may be home late, and gotta keep up with my goal of blogging every day......

I had a great morning. Went with the superintendent to visit all 5 schools in my district. We have really nice schools, and everyone I met was really nice as well. The schools seem so organized, and all the kids were really well behaved. That could be because the superintendent of schools was standing there, but hey, it was a pleasure visiting the facilities. :). The high school has so much more than my high school did when I was in school, and they have so many more programs and classes available.

The rest of the day here was insanity! We have been so slammed, I cannot even describe it.

I found out the state bar passage rate for new takers was 91%! That is crazy high! I have never heard of a number like that. In recent years, it has been between 60-75%! So, apparently, the people I was taking it with were extremely intelligent, or the people administering the test were more relaxed. I don't know which it is, but I will go with intelligent! Ha.

Off to dinner.......More later y'all.


Rebecca said...

Aww, you should have taken Lorraine with you :) And I think the pass rate increased because of smart people like you!

I also think that you need to change your profile song on myspace to Mrs. Robinson ;)

Julia said...

"If that's movin' up, then I'm . . . . moving out!"

:) I love Billy Joel too!