Thursday, November 23, 2006

Up North

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I can now disclose my location to the world.....I am in Manistee, MI, at my Mom's house. I decided to drive up here Wednesday night and surprise her by being here for Thanksgiving. I am staying until tomorrow night, when I will drive home for Thanksgiving with the other side of my family on Saturday afternoon.

Driving here after working late was exhausting, but I made really good time and there was luckily, no traffic. Yay. I thought there would be a ton of holiday traffic. Got here, and we are watched the end of a movie, Double Jeopardy, which was GREAT. Loved it. Then fell asleep. Got up this morning and helped my Mom make dinner........My sister is here right now with her fiance and his son, Jimmy, and my stepbrother, R.J. and his girlfriend, Liz, are here. Dinner was awesome, and we are going to watch Survivor and Grey's Anatomy later when they come on. Kurt and Kory were at the Lions game today, watching them lose.....Ugh. And of course, Joey Harrington got MVP.

I had to get away from it all for a moment. My sister says really stupid things sometimes, and is one of those people who is alwatys right. She made a comment to me along the lines that "when you have kids someday, you will understand." Besides the fact that I hate being talked to in a condescending way, it was a retarded statement. She was basically being a total bitch to her soon to be stepson, and he did not even do anything wrong. When I said something, she got all huffy and defensive. Whatever. I just walked away because I can't deal with irrational people.

Anyway, back to the festivities. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Rebecca said...

Even on dial up you kept up with the are a winner.

Rebecca said...

And why didn't Joey ever get MVP when he played for us???