Saturday, November 25, 2006

Domesticate Me

Thanks to Rebecca, I am now obsessed with a website. Anyone who knows me, knows, I DO NOT LIKE TO COOK. My husband has not cooked a meal in over 10 years, because his solution to cooking is eating out and I can't stand doing that all the time. So, I cook. Do I cook anything complex? For the most part, no. He could care less what I cook for him, he is just happy to eat something that resembles a meal, because if he had to do it himself, he would live in snacks and fast food, and at least with my meals, he is getting the 4 food groups. Kinda.

Anyway, Rebecca introduced me to an awesome website tonight. Click here to see it. Basically, it's recipes for those challenged in the kitchen--easy recipes. I shall start using this site, and have started saving recipes on the site already for my future use. I will print them off and save once i have used them once and like them.

Here are links to what I shall try first:

Appetizer (which I will most likely eat as a meal, yum): Baked Crab Rangoon.

Meal: Tuna Cakes.

I have not even LOOKED at the desserts yet, but I freaking love this site.

For those cooking buffs who read my site, any sites you recommend for me? And don't go getting all gourmet on me either, because I am so not there yet. Ha.


Lisa said...

I love this site. I actually signed up for the free magazine they send out about 4 times a year as well. Great recipes!

RachelSW said...

Thanks for the website. Mike is the same as Kurt. His idea of cooking is take out. I am a similar cook to you..only cooking really simple/quick things. Believe it or not, Campbells ( has some decent and super easy recipies as well.

MegWalterbach said...

You can also check out It's a really good site where you can find a recipe for anything you might be making. It's a mix of easy recipes to gourmet meals! But the possibilities are endless. Thanks for sharing your website. I will check it out.

Rebecca said...

Why the hell do you gotta blame me?!? Just wait, we're going to have a crab rangoon cook off.

Come online so we can look at more recipes!