Sunday, November 12, 2006


**Picture above is of our yard last Wednesday morning....It was so foggy here, the schools had a fog delay for two hours.

So, I am sitting here exhausted because of my lack of sleep on Friday night coupled with the awesome Sunday night massage Rebecca gave me........She was here last Sunday night too, and massages my neck and shoulder during Desperate Housewives and my back afterwards......Yay. She tells me I am stressed which is why my neck gets that way. AHHHH. Oh well, guess I can't really fix that...

**Picture above is of Bugsy, in front of the fire, relaxing. He loves the fireplace and getting warm in front of it.

So, today, I was still kinda weak this morning from being sick. So, I stayed on the couch until Rebecca got here in late afternoon. Then, we ran to a couple stores to do some shopping as we both had coupons we needed to use. I had a $10 gift card to use at Kohl's and was planning on buying myself a dress shirt or necklace, but instead, bought Kurt a really kewl Ralph Lauren suit......Grey pinstriped. Love it. And gotta love Kohl's sales. also, got myself new shampoo and conditioner at Bath and Body Works in my favorite scent--Black Raspberry Vanilla.

We all went to dinner after that, and have been home since....heading to bed soon.

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