Monday, November 20, 2006

Surprises and Court

I have a surprise for my Mom, and I would post it on here, but she reads this blog, can't write about it just yet, but can't wait until she finds out! hehe. So, Mom, if you are trying to find the surprise out here, good try! But, you are just going to have to wait. ;). I think this kind of beehavior by me is why I am the "second favorite daughter".

So, this morning was my first court appearance. I ended a 23 year marriage for one of our clients.......I was not nervous at all, and then when I went up there, I suddenly was terrified! LOL. I did fine, ended the divorce. I hate how I can't control my feelings though. I tell myself I am not nervous, am convinced I am, and then suddenly, the adrenaline hits me and I am crazy nervous. Oh welll. I need to get in there and have more appearances, so I can stop the nervousness. The more I do this, the easier it will get. Me and my fear of public speaking....

Went back to the office after that and worked until 730 p.m. I am glad for the short work week, but the longer days to make up for it are not fun. I did get a lot done today, which is amazing since the phone rings off the hook on Mondays. I feel like I am clearing off a lot of paperwork from my desk.

Now am home for the night, watching TV and chilling. I have some pics to download and some laundry to do....I will post pics if I have a chance later....I took some great ones of Bugsy playing with water. I have the strangest cat. He loves faucets and water. No idea why. Toby, our cat who passed away, would not go anywhere NEAR a faucet.


RachelSW said...

Congrats on your first court appearance! I am sure that it will get easier every time that you do public speaking. I bet that this was exciting though...right?

Lisa said...

Congrats again Lori!!

PeachesAmy said...

Yay for the first court appearance! You're a real lawyer now :)

My cats LOOOVE faucets too. It's out of control!