Friday, November 17, 2006

Finally Fixed

So, earlier this year, the mirror on my passenger side somehow fell off and was hanging there. How this happened, I have no idea. Anyway, we had to get it fixed, and get a part ordered, and with the way our schedules are, you know how that goes. Finally, finally, we took it in to a place in Newport and it is now fixed. Yay! Next, we need to get new tires on the Jeep for winter, but I am just happy getting one thing done on my to do list.

Came home after work and took a nap until Rebecca came over. Made dinner for us, my fav, angel hair pasta with marinara and garlic bread. Yummy. and I have leftovers. I heart leftovers.

I wore my pretty new shoes today and they are SOOO comfy. Highly recommend them and the brand of shoe. I know with having to dress up every day, I really need to find lines of shoes that are comfy because I will be walking a lot at the courts and to and from my Aerosoles? Yay. Need to find some other brands too though. Really need to get to an outlet mall.

Finally found my graduation pictures today. I had them at the office, and Kurt put them away, then did not remember where he put them away at. My Mom keeps asking about them. Found them, and sent her the pics today. I need to give them to my Aunt and Grama too, but will wait until Thanksgiving when I see them and my Dad.

I can't believe how long I have kept up with this blogging everyday! I actually really love it. I am going to try again for December, but it may be hard if we go on vacay......

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Rebecca said...

But Lori, what about the hot dog on dog sex that happened?