Sunday, January 13, 2008

Clean Pugs Everywhere

Took the pugs to Petsmart today to get baths. Whiskey went too. Kory and I took them in two separate cars because the thought of 4 crazy dogs in one car with two people was a little too much to handle, I think....The pugs all had the Top Dog Care Package, and Whiskey just had the bath and brush. They all came home later in the day with bandannas and smelling really good. In really wore them out too, as they all slept the rest of the afternoon. Soundly. I highly suggest if any of you has a hyper puppy, take them to get a bath. Puts them right to sleep! :).

I went to the mall today just to check out Old Navy, because they are going out of business in our mall. The store was crazy and really picked over, so I did not get anything as I really was not in the mood to pick through racks and make my way through the crowds of people. So, I headed back to Elder Beerman, where I had seen a sweater the night before that I thought was cute. They had a bunch of 70% off racks, so of course, had to go through them. Ended up buying myself the cute sweater I had seen the night before (click here to see a pic of something similar, I could not find a pic of the one I really got in black and by Ruff Hewn), and another sweater than I tried on and loved as well. Of course, neither were on 70% off racks, but the one was 50 percent off and the other 30 percent, so I saved some money, right? Did find Kurt some great deals though, in the form of a dress shirt for work, a grey casual sweater for $8, and a tie in a color I have never seen before on a tie, kinda a black with teal. Very different. Stopped in the baby section and ended up buying my sister three really cute onesies. One says "Chick's Dig Me" and has a little chick picture on it. The second says "$ Tax Decuction $" and the third says "What Happen's at Grama's, Stays At Grama's". So cute. I will mail them to her tomorrow.

Friday night, went to dinner with Rebecca, Kurt and Kory at Old Chicago. Dinner was fun. Kurt and I left Rebecca and Kory there to drink more because we were tired after a long work week and wanted to get home to chill. Saturday, we worked a few hours in the morning/afternoon, then stayed in the rest of the day. Auntie came over that night because she needed to return something at Elder Beerman, and we all ate at Pete's Garage that night. Oh, I got this really kewl handheld food processor while with her at the mall. Kory and I tried it when we got home and it works AWESOME. Can't wait to use it for an actual meal.

Oh, bought a doormat for the office at one of my fav online stores today. I have been wanting for a long time to get a personalized one, but nothing was really striking me at that perfect doormat.....Anyway, got this one. Can't wait to replace the one we have out there now.

Was happy today when I called Dyson too. Our Dyson stopped working (it turned on, but was not picking anything up). Kurt thought a belt had broken, but nobody in the house really knows much about this. So, since we have a 5 year warranty that we are only 1 year into, I called. Could not believe they answered on a Sunday, first of all. They had me answer some questions and open the vacuum, etc. and we realized the belt was in fact broken. They said that my part is defective, and they have since made a better version of the part, which they are shipping to me. Hopefully I have it soon since I kinda need to vacuum. I could pull out the central vac, but I am kinda partial to the Dyson ever since I got it. Just want to give props to Dyson customer service because it was very easy to deal with them and get what I needed.

I kinda have had this dull headache all day, so I am going to sign off and go to bed to try and get rid of it....Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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