Monday, January 07, 2008

Pro-Choice Win

Maybe this shows our current Supreme Court supports my opinion on the subject? I sure hope so, since the appointment of Roberts previously.....

Click here to read the Free Press article.

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Amanda said...

Hmm. I feel I know you well enough that I can post my political views...
I'm pro-choice (mmm - duh), but something about this particular procedure has always rubbed me really wrong. Maybe it shows where my dividing line is between thinking of something as just cells and as a person. I believe people shouldn't tell us as women what we can and can't do to our bodies, but - barring medical necessity - I really think a women should be able to make up her mind about an abortion LONG before it comes to requiring this type of procedure.
I don't know what the stats are on how many of these occurrences are due to medical necessity, and by default, clearly we can't barr it for some women and not others.
Feel free to email me to debate. ;)