Sunday, January 27, 2008

Michigan Blues

Thursday night, had a board meeting. Everything was so calm and easy, I was actually wondering if I had showed up at the right school! LOL. It was very nice though. The administration had made us cookie plates with really yummy cookies for board appreciation month. And, our food service company and rep, Gail, made a dinner. She knows I am a vegetarian and made me a special meal, I was really touched. I told her to never do anything *special* for me, as the rest of the board eats meat and I don't want to be a pain. But she did anyway, and my food was incredible. She made me garlic grilled shrimp with a baked potato and salad. OMG. Amazing. Maybe some of the best shrimp I have ever had.

Friday night, I was craving Mexican, so Kurt and I drove to my fav place for fajitas called La Fiesta in Luna Pier. It was super fun and yummy, and Kurt had me in stitches giving me a reenactment of one of his hearings that morning. It was a great story. He always has the best time when the other side is not represented AND stupid. He pretty much almost had this guy in tears, I guess. Kurt can be really arrogant and an ass if he wants to, ha. Came home after that and watched TV together...It was a really nice night. A date night, if you will, but I don't really call Kurt and I hanging out a date since we hang out around the clock.

Saturday, after working a few hours, had lunch at a Mongolian BBQ like place with my friends Hollie and Tammy, and Tam's daughter, Jessica. Who proceeded to spend the entire lunch playing with my iPhone, LOL. The lunch was really nice though, and it was fun to catch up with them.

Saturday night, my sister and her husband were in town with my sister's two stepkids......She is due in three weeks with her baby! I can't believe I am going to be a *real*aunt for the first time. And I have no doubt the baby will be totally adorable as it's mother is my sister (who of course, is gorgeous) and Jim, the Dad, is good looking as well......:). My sister has gained 30 pounds, but I am sure will lose it pretty quickly. It is like all in my belly and chest, LOL. She looked really good. It was kinda like a late Xmas since my Dad's side of the fam had not seen her during the holiday. My Dad ended up not going as when he went to start his car, he had a flat, that ended up being a bent rim, and he did not want to drive on bad roads with a spare. So, besides my sister's family, it was me, my Grama, Auntie, Carl and my Aunt Marlene. This was the first time I have seen my Aunt's house, and it is very nice and in a really nice sub in Macomb. Long drive for me though, like 67 miles each way. Dinner was really good, and everyone exchanged gifts.

Went into the office today, and worked. AARGH. Totally did not want to, but since we are going to be out of town next weekend, we really needed to. Kurt finally got our 2006 taxes done....Yes, you read that right. 2007 are due in April, but we just did 2006. Whatev. Glad to get those done. They took Kurt like 10 hours. it's annoying how complex our returns are. He started working on 2007 and those will most likely be filed on time. I think. :). While doing that, Kurt cleaned out a lot of stuff at the office, shredding, etc. We had a lot of old files and such that we really don't need anymore. It completely cleaned out his credenza and some of a file cabinet, which was nice too. I got some work done on a lot of bankruptcies and family law stuff, so I am hoping, with some luck, we will be very caught up by this weekend when we leave.

Got a call this week too from Carl Levin's office. We are going on a tour of the Capital while there! You have to plan that ahead of time. So, that should be kewl. I can't wait to go crazy with my camera! I feel so tied down with this weather. It's been so cold, you can't even go outside to take pics of snow or ice. Many days, it's been like 5 degrees. Today it was in the low 30s though and tomorrow is supposed to be 40s, so I am glad it's warming up.

Tomorrow starts my orthodontist journey. Still feel pretty vain about it, but it's OK. I am entitled to be vain once in a while.....I think? Really, though, with underbite on the one side of my mouth, this is for a purpose because I will eventually grind my teeth down really far. So, I need to do this. Ha. I love how I make up reasons to excuse my vanity.

Congrats to Val (my former stepsister now just sister, LOL) got getting an awesome accounting internship for next January! I am so proud of her! :). Yay to Rebecca for getting out there and dating again, even if the date did not go spectacularly......

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Rebecca said...

One blah date every 4 months or so is enough to make me bury my head in the sand for another 4 don't know how lucky you are to not have to deal with it. Or maybe you do know how lucky you are ;)