Monday, January 14, 2008

Something Borrowed and Thin

Kurt and I watched this documentary tonight I rented from Netflix called "Thin". It was awesome. Loved it. It may be on the top of my documentary list, after the one I watched a while back called Born Into Brothels..................Anyway, it is kinda freaky watching something like that. I have a friend who was anorexic, and a family member who was, and to think that they were at the point of these women in the show is scary......It's also sad that society can drive some of these women to behave this way. The media tells us that size 0 is the most beautiful, not eating to get that way is almost acceptable.

Worked out after watching and read more of Something Borrowed, which I am currently reading and bought on for less than a dollar. Gotta love deals on used books. Anyway, I freaking LOVE this book. The author is a lawyer, and the book is about a lawyer who is my age exactly. Anyway, really easy reading, fun book. I can't put it down. I just realized that she has written other books and they are a series, so I can't wait to read more!

Nothing else too exciting going on, mailed off one of my sister's new outfits for the baby away, am going to mail one a week so she gets something new every week......Need to get to bed, more later.....

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