Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sushi, Bowling, and Being Published!

Have not posted because I have been so busy.....We did not get home on Wed and Thurs until after 800 PM because of late appointments, and last night, we went out for sushi and bowling with Kory and Val. Val is my sister, but not literally. She is my Dad's second wife's daughter, and my Dad is now divorced. So, I guess kinda like my former stepsister. Anyway. I still call her my sister, and we are still close. She is so similar to me in personality, it's kinda scary. Love her. So, we had some amazing sushi at Dolce Vita--it was even better than usual. I ate part of a king california roll and part of a tempura shrimp roll. Yum. Val got pasta because she does not do sushi, LOL. I guess that is one major difference between us! :). Afterwards, we decided to go bowling, and had a blast. Bowled almost two games before we got cut off (we only paid for a set time period and decided to leave after that because Val had to be home early for a class this morning and Kory had homework and had to be up early too). Of course, my camera had to come out for bowling because it always does.......After that, chilled at the house then went to bed. Today, we worked most of the day, UGH.

I had the kewlest thing happy to me this week. Someone on Flickr, the publisher of travel guides, contacted me about using one of my photos in their upcoming hard copy Panama Guide. I, of course, said that they could use my photo. I was so psyched. Then, the guy wrote me back again and asked if he could use MORE of my shots, as he was looking through them all and found some more that would work! I can't believe it! I can't wait to get my copy in the mail! I have had some stuff published online and in newspapers, but never in an actual book! And for it to be a travel guide, well, that is kinda like my dream, to take photos for travel guides!

We got a new copy machine/printer at the office this week. The Lease was almost up on our old one, and the guy who we lease from stopped by with a new offer, that was better than our current machine, so I jumped at it. The new machine staples and sorts, and can go multiple copy jobs at once. Plus, it can network the other computers to it, which is awesome. Anyway, so far, so good!

I had the hearing from hell this week. Am not even going to go into details because I dont want to rehash everything, but basically, it was in a court we NEVER practice in, and there was some judge/attorney favoritism going on, and that is NOT a way I like to lose. But whatever. I am just going to put it behind me. I am not going to lose sleep over something I have no control whatsoever over. It's done with. It almost made me have a drink at lunch because I was so annoyed.

On to fun things. Kurt's birthday is coming up, and I am going to plan him a surprise trip, although, I am at a loss on what to plan. We will not have much time, as we are hardcore into the busy season at the office, and we cannot leave for more than one work day. We will prob leave on Thursday night or Friday morning and come back Sunday night. I would love someplace with better weather, but I also don't want to fly really far because of the time limits. Also don't really want to fly someplace with a huge time difference. Have been researching online, but nothing is really jumping out at me. Let me know if you have any ideas.

Have to say I am really jealous right now or Emily getting to be in Las Vegas, but I hope she is having fun! :).


.................Nancy said...

OMG Congratulations! That's awesome! What are the possibilities for the weekend trip ? When is his bday ?

Emily said...

I had a BLAST - I will blog all about it. Vegas isn't a bad idea for your trip!!!! What else...I'm no good with geography or trip ideas, I tend to go to the same places all the time...

RoseAnn said...

Congratulations on getting your photos published! That is awesome!