Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heaven is an Apple

I finally fell to the monopoly pressure tonight and bought the iPhone. I went over this in my post yesterday, but I finally got to get the phone I wanted since Friend of the Court lifted their ban on camera phones......The phone is fab thus far. Kory has had his a little while now and still loves it, so I am sure I will love mine. Plus, I have Kory to help me with anything I don't get. The phone is the most user friendly phone I have ever used. With the Blackberry (which I did like), it was kinda complex. I had to keep looking up directions on how to do certain things......

You ever wonder how exactly technology has affected our lives and see we have become dependent on it? I see this more and more and it amuses me. I mean, seriously. We own three iPhones in this house for 3 people. Because we *need* the Internet and email everywhere we go. I have a reminder sent to me by Acuvue every two weeks to remind me to change my contacts. Because, you know, a paper calendar is just not sufficient. I have another monthly email that reminds me to give my dogs their heartgard pills. I get reminders from a lot of the bills I pay (electric, satellite, internet, etc.), with bills attached and a reminder to pay by a certain date. Seriously, I know I survived before the Internet....Do I really need all this? The answer, of course, is no, but it sure does make my life easier. :).

Watched a new show tonight called The Moment of Truth. Loved it. Highly recommend it for reality TV lovers.............It's one of those shows where I really wonder why the contestants subject themselves to the stress.

Getting more excited about the trip. I really like this not telling Kurt anything, I am getting better at keeping secrets every day! :). I normally really suck, LOL.


MissThang said...

Yay for the iPhone! I still love mine to pieces (even though I'm on #2 because #1 got stolen).

Oh, and I'm watching Moment of Truth with Sushi Boy right now...we DVR'd it. Pretty funny ;)

.................Nancy said...

OMg the moment of truth is crazy!!! I can't believe that guy has fake hair AND a fake dong!! LOL

Hobby Chef said...

LOL, Lori ... I feel silly for admitting that I want the iPhone SOOOOOO bad, but I do! Only problem, AT&T doesn't have the best service here, and we don't want to switch our provider. But as soon as it becomes available outside AT&T, I'm all over it!!

I haven't watched The Moment of Truth, but the commercials for it are veeeery intriguing. I guess it just goes to show that some folks will do ANYTHING to get on TV!

KT said...

OOHHH you have an iPhone now?! I am so jealous. How much do you love it? :)