Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Creating Fear

Kurt is forcing me (OK, not really forcing me but he has the remote), to watch this show called Cheney's Law on PBS. It's painful to watch. It just reminds me of everything that terrifies me in this country. I just don't get so many things.......Has anyone heard of due process? How can anyone think it's OK to hold people, not charge them of a crime, and torture them? I can't believe that Bush and Congress and whomever has so horribly abused the effect of 9-11 to put laws into place that completely and totally violate the Constitution and have done so by convincing society that there are scary "terrorists" that will get us if we don't do these kinds of things.......Anyway, even though this is really annoying me, the show is very informative, so I give the show a thumbs up thus far. Just don't approve of the man it is about. I seriously cannot WAIT until the next election. I just want someone in there who actually has the best interests of the American people in place again. I am back leaning towards Hillary as I heard today she wants to reform bankruptcy law, which would help my business out even more. Thanks, Hil! For the first time, I opted out of the presidential primary today, since my vote is pointless because of the stupid Democrats trying to prove a point and pretty much getting Michigan eliminated.

One of my latest resolutions is to give my body more calcium. I know I don't get enough in a day, and my Mom is always telling me to take supplements. Calcium bother s her stomach, and mine too, but she found a supplement that does not bother her, so I decided to try it too. Anyway, bought it and have been trying to remember to take it twice daily with food. I have been taking Viactiv and thus far, love it. At first it was hard to remember. My daily vitamin is easy since I take it in the morning and keep the bottle near my toothbrush. Viactiv's website says that women my age should have 1000 mg of calcium a day and with my calcium supplements and daily vitamin, I am at 1160 mg. I also have decided to drink more water, starting with grabbing a bottle each morning when I leave for work and making myself drink the entire thing before drinking caffeine at the office. Both endeavors are going well. Small things, but both are things i know will improve my overall health and that is important to me.

Finished the book I referenced I was reading and LOVED it. Really, could barely put it down. Loved it so much I bought the next in the series on half.com, called Something Blue. Can't wait to get it in the mail! :). I was so anti-reading after finishing law school because frankly, I was sick of reading. Since it was pretty much my life in school. Now, I am feeling the desire to do so again.

Anyway, should get back to suffering through this show and to bed......


Rebecca said...

Water, does a body good :) I carry around my 32 ounce water bottle everywhere and try to fill it up and drink twice a day, it's hard sometimes, but after I get a kidney stone, it reminds me to keep on chugging. And I thought you stopped drinking caffeine?

I've got some great book recommendations for you for mindless stuff! Check into Laurie Notaro, start with her Idiot Girls Action Adventure Club and move on from there.

Amanda said...

Re: Calcium - just remember that your body can only absorb 600mg at once, the rest passes out of your body. So, if you're aiming for greater than 600mg, break it up throughout the day (morning/night or something). And your body needs Vitamin D to absorb Calcium, so be sure whatever you take has that (Viactiv does - so that's good).
Go you for focusing on this stuff!

Hobby Chef said...

LOL, I felt the same way about reading when I finished grad school. I don't think I read anything at all for a good 3 months after graduation.

Water is the best. I read an article once that said many ailments are just a result of dehydration. Headache? Try water before a pain reliever. Aching joints? Drink more water. I drink tons of water every day, which has the annoying side effect of making me pee a lot. But it is worth it.