Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I totally accidentally told Kurt where we were going on the way home from work tonight. I was going through the weather feature on the phone, asking Kurt to guess the weather in each area I have saved (Manistee, Newport, Las Vegas, Taylor, Panama). I also have Washington D.C. on there. Well, I was really tired after work. We worked from 715 AM until 720 PM. I was playing the guess the weather game with Kurt and I got to Washington and was like "Guess the weather in Wash...." "OH NO!" He was like AHAHAHA, I know where we are going now. But, apparently, he already predicted it in the *envelope* prediction file that I am opening tomorrow. Bastard. I hate when he is right, LOL.

Work was insanity today. I can't even explain it. Kurt had a trial this morning that lasted ALL day long. And is still not done. Kory was studying at home for the LSAT, and Misty is still on bedrest for her pregnancy. Anyway, I was there alone all day and all I did was run. AARGH. I met with 5 new clients, 1 old client, the phone was ringing off the hook, people were dropping by, it was crazy. Plus, I did not get to eat lunch because I had no car and no time to walk next door. Kurt got back around 430 and we went to get something eat, came back to the office and worked until like 720.

Scottrade finally fixed our account, but I am done with them and will most likely bee switching as soon as we get back from DC.


Rebecca said...

Aww, well at least you didn't willingly tell him :)

Andrea said...

Hi Lori!
Glad to have found another blog to read :-)
Sorry that you let the cat out of the bag...I'm not good at keeping secrets so I can totally relate.
Have a great trip!!

.................Nancy said...

Aww, I love the 'prediction envelope' idea! hehe

Angel said...

Oops! The cat is out of the bag ! Hilarious! Travel safely on your way here!

Natalie said...

DC will be a fun trip for you guys. Oh...i'm on blogspot now:) Yay! However, I do have to post a blog this weekend. It's so bare!!!