Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lack of Sleep

I am a very good sleeper. I rarely let stress get to me physically. With this office, I am in a constant *go* status, and I deal well with it, really.

This next part is going to be rambly (love Lori words), boring and financial based, so please skip it if you are tired or don't want to be bored, I just need to vent....

This is why days like yesterday make me sick. It started off in the morning. Kurt logged into our Scottrade account to cancel a stock trade he made the night before. The site was down. This has never happened before. And is really not acceptable, since we trade online and their site being down is a problem. So, you can call in when their site is down. Fine. I call in, cancel the trade over the phone, and make a new one. The guy is all rude to me, talking totally down to me. He asked me what trade I was cancelling. I said "I *think* it is to buy AAPL, X amount of shares.." He was like "YOu have to know, you made the trade." My snotty response back, LOL, was "No, I don't have to know since my HUSBAND made the trade." He backed off some and finally did as I asked. Then, I called them back at like 830 and was like "I made this trade, and I need to make another at 931 AM. Since your systems are down, are you going to be able to tell me what price I bought the stock at when I call in since you can't *see* my account?" Of course, all evasive, so I just said eff it and cancelled all my trades for the day. Which annoys me, because in essence, I am not making any money for the day from investing. Anyway. At 10 AM, Kurt calls me, freaking out because apparently, they executed his trade from last night. Luckily, it was OK, and I sold right away and made money. Still, was pissed at them for not following direction. At 1130 AM, Kurt calls AGAIN freaking out, because the trade I made earlier in the morning that I cancelled went through (meaning they have not screwed up twice). So, I sold short, and ended up making more money. I was obviously not annoyed at the making of money, but I was annoyed at them for stressing me out like ALL freaking morning because their site was down and for them doing things I TOLD them not to do. So, all the suddent, at lunch, we see that something odd is going on with our account. After we made like a bunch of money today, they began taking it out of our account. Like they were finally putting through my requests to cancel those trades, but, they are also taking profits from my account. In essence, taking money I made based on their mistakes and keeping it for themselves! So, we thought. Called them and they were like "Well, you cancelled those trades, so we have to do as you said." So, we come back to the office and research the agreement we signed with them and basically, we are right. When you call and cancel a trade, there is no guarantee it will be cancelled, and if it goes through, Scottrade is not at fault and we have to deal with it. Of course, they don't agree with our interpretation of the agreement, because they want to keep our money, I guess. I freaking guarantee if we had LOST money, they would have been like "Sorry, your loss, read our agreement." So, later in the day, they started to undo the other trade from the morning and screw the account up even more. My account now says I own negative shares of Apple stock, which is not even possible. They cancelled my Buy Order, but left my Sell Order in. I can't freaking SELL stock I don't own. Dumb. Call them, totally exasperated, and the guy says he is taking care of it (this was 5 PM yesterday). Yea, it's 820 AM and my account is still wrong. I am going to call at 830 AM to get this fixed. Kurt is comtemplating filing a lawsuit against them too. Besides the fact that they took $4500.00 in profits from me yesterday (claiming they were theirs because of my cancelled trades they cancelled late), they screwed with my money ALL day, which did allow me to do my normal trading and earn money. All in complete violation, we believe, of their own policies. And, I can't trade today because they all my account screwed up. AARGH. Like i need to deal with this. Now, we need to try and find a new stock company to deal with, and we liked Scottrade because of the cheap trades. I found a couple reputable places that charge $9.95 for trades, and another for $4.95 (that I have never heard of). It's just that in transferring money, it's a pain too because you have to wait to trade again until everything is processed. Aargh. I keep saying that, but it's really how I feel. This was how my entire day was spent, stressing out. I could barely eat lunch because I had huge pains in my stomach. Then, I woke up early this morning and could not sleep because of thinking about this and several deadlines at the office that need to be dealt with. Kurt needed to be at the office early to prepare for a trial today anyway, but I was planning on sleeping in and showing at 9 AM. Nice. This better be straightened out soon or I am going to vomit, seriously. Just talked to their office again, and they just act like we are SOOO annoying when we call. HELLO? You are effing with my money. My retirement money. I can't wait until this straightened up so I can transfer my funds to someone else....Any suggestions?

Had a board meeting last night too, and I was so not into it with the day I had. Went well though, and got some things done. Just a committee meeting, so I could relax a little bit there. Committee meetings are much less formal than actual thursday board meetings.

Came home and made myself dinner, and worked out. My heart was just not in that either, but reading my book while biking helped me relax some. Kickboxing should have helped me, but at the level of stress I was still feeling at that point, I just needed a massage or something, LOL. Or a vacation. Which happily, I am kinda getting this weekend!

Speaking of that, dinner is all set at an Indian place on Friday night with Angel, Ryan, Char and possibly Char's husband! So, that should be super fun. And Angel and Ryan are picking us up so we are not hopelessly lost in the area. I am sure we will be fine though, I have a map in the book I bought.

Sorry for the stress filled post, I just had to get some of that off my chest.

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Rebecca said...

Just reading about ScottTrade had me stressed out! And if you guys weren't leaving tomorrow, you could totally come up for a massage :)