Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Case of the Missing Shower Curtain

So, while I was cleaning this weekend, I went upstairs to change the sheets and blanket on a spare bed, and do some other odds and ends upstairs. I walked into my spare bathroom up there, which is the one that Kory uses and guests who stay the night. This bathroom is awesome. I designed the entire thing, and it's all done chrome and is kinda retro modern........I love it. I wanted a spa like feel, so the towels and shower curtain are white, and I searched for this shower curtain forever. Here is a pic of something similar, but mine was thicker and slightly different. And, it was like $50. So. Walked in the bathroom, AND........

No shower curtain. In it's place? An extremely tacky shower curtain--covered in palm trees. I think if you click here, you will see it. And sorry to any of you who do the palm tree decorations-they may work in some bathrooms. But, not in this one for sure. Yes, the colors were green and somewhat matched my bathroom colors. I do not argue that. But.....No. My house is not a college dorm or party freaking central. Everything I buy I really think about, try and find a great deal on quality stuff. I am slightly anal about it (as you can tell).

I went downstairs and said to Kurt "Do you know where my shower curtain is?" He says no. I tell him the situation upstairs. He goes upstairs and is like "No. This has got to go." I then knew I was not going insane and that the shower curtain really was that awful. What I did not know was 1--how the new one got up there, and 2--WHY it was up there. I hopefully looked in the closet for my old one, in the hopes I could put it up again. Nope, nothing.

Texted Kory. Who texts me back and says "It was getting dirty, so I bought a new one.." Umm, they can be washed. It was fabric and machine washable. I was so freaking annoying. More because it was expensive and I looked for so long for the perfect one. And two because it was replaced with something totally horrible.

I think Kory could tell I was annoyed, LOL. And I will be embarassed, until I get out to the home stores and replace it. I don't want people to actually THINK I would hang something so hideous.....I will try to take a pic of the new one and post on here, so you all can see I am not nuts.

It is really weird how one small piece of a bathroom can make it go from modern retro spa to college party dorm central.

Sigh. What I go through to finish this house.


Lisa said...

K, I'd be super annoyed too! I remember hunting for our perfect white fabric shower curtain and I want to strangle Kory right now for you :P

Rebecca said...

I'm sorry, I know it's not funny but come on, it's been a week, you can laugh about it now, right? ;)