Sunday, January 21, 2007

Where Did the Weekend Go?

I did so much this weekend, but still feel like I did not get a weekend. I can't wait until this workweek is over so I can relax next weekend.

Saturday, I went grocery shopping. I bought so much. Our house was pretty much, umm, empty, and I bought stuff to fill it and bought double so I dont have to go back for a while. I hate grocery shopping......Got home, helped Kurt clean the rest of the afternoon, and then everyone got here. Kendra, my niece; Keith my brother in law, and Kellie, my sister in law. Kory was at the auto show all day and got back right before they did. We had a fun night. They looked at my Costa Rica pics and then we went to dinner at Quatro's. Dinner was really nice, and Kurt taught Kellie how to play Keno. LOL. Came home and we bought a movie on Pay Per View called The Little Man. Kurt and Kendra picked it out. It was really idiotic, but our family will have fun watching anything, so we made it amusing. After that, we all talked and went to bed.

Today, we woke up and Kendra and I headed to Briarwood Mall, while everyone else headed to Cabela's (which is where Kory works). Kendra and I walked the mall, then headed downtown to go to Urban Outfitters. I had never been there before and loved it. Then we had Chinese for lunch, and walked the mall some more. Everyone met us later in the day, and they headed home, while Kory and I headed back to our house. Rebecca was here when we got there, and her and I headed to get pedicures. She wanted one for her cruise, and I just really needed one. I don't get them as much in the winter, but I like to every once in a while. Went to a new place at the mall, and I did not really like it as much as my normal place (which is not open on Sunday). Came home and went to dinner at Red Lobster, and then watched our normal Sunday night TV (i.e. Desperate Housewives, Intervention). Rebecca then left, because she has a plane to catch in the morning.

So, what I got at the mall. I actually bought myself a few things, which is rare. At Urban Outfitters, I bought an adorable t-shirt that says "Vegetarians Have More Fun". I then bought a little book called Pug Mugs, which is freaking hilariously cute. Also bought this great air freshener for my car that has an anti-Bush little saying on it. So me. Can't find a pic of that though. Let's see.....then, Bath and Body Works was having a sale, so I bought three body sprays, and Victoria's Secret was having a sale, so I bought some body sprays and two new bras--one black and one white. Really cheap. Oh, I got this great new nail polish (which I put on tonight) at the MAC counter in Macy's called Sacred White. Also bought a make-up brush for eye shadow and some brush cleaner. I think that's it..........It was a fun day, and I love spending time with Kendra when I can, because I rarely get to see her. It's hard to believe she is 18 now!

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Rebecca said...

You know, I think that is the first time since I stared my whole weekend visit ritual that I haven't stayed the night!