Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Revenge of the Attorney

OK, not really. But, it was a crazy busy day. Misty does not work on Wednesdays, so normally we like one of us to be in the office if the other is not.

Well, we had a hearing at court and an arbitration scheduled. Tried to move the hearing, BUT the other attorney had different ideas. So annoying. Scheduling is NOT a client issue. Most offices do not ask their clients for an OK to move a hearing, unless it's an emergency issue. If there are scheduling conflicts, you just do it. Well, this attorney said he would have to *ask* his clients permission, and with the hatred in this case between the parties, I knew she would never agree. She did not. So this attorney is totally on Kurt's "shit" list, as he puts it. We are just waiting for the day he asks us for a favor. He has done this to us once before (when Kurt had the flu and was literally vomiting), and it's just obnoxious. We really put forth an effort to work with and have a great relationship with other attorneys' offices, and normally, this attorney is very kewl. I can just see the future conversation...........Let' s picture it, shall we? Here we go.

Let's set the stage. Divorce case. Annoying attorney wants our client's paystubs or some simple piece of information. *Normally* this information is subpoenaed or a document request is sent, but for offices who get along, to avoid this extra work, you just call the office and ask for the info. NOT next time. Here we go.....

Atty X (this is what I shall call the annoying atty): "Hi Lori, I was wondering if you would send your clients paystubs over to me?"

Lori: "Hmm. Let me call my client about that and get back to you, should not be a problem."

OK, pause here. With other attys who attempt to work with us, I would get the paystubs and send them over. OK, let's continue.

Lori (calls Atty X back on phone): "Sorry, Atty X. I have discussed this with my client, who actually does not want to turn over his paystubs. Therefore, I guess you will have to send over a document request or subpoena."

Atty X: "C'mon, Lori. this is information the judge will give us, don't make me do extra work..."

Lori: "Sorry, Atty X. It's our office policy to ask clients what they want to do, and thus, I can't give them to you."


We already told the guy that we will never move a hearing for him, so don't bother asking. he knows we were really mad (both times), but, who the hell ASKS their client's permission on crap like that? There is NOTHING in the ethical code that says we must, and you can't give your client the final decision on EVERYTHING, especially in cases where the parties can't stand eachother. Use logic! Geez. Oh, well, we know eventually, we will get to drive our point home and we can't freaking wait for that day.

So, today, I had court this afternoon. The case I was referring to above. It was a settlement conference, to try and resolve the last pending issue of a case, parenting time. We finally got it all settled, my client got pretty much he wanted, so that worked out well. But, not being at the office for two hours meant I came back to a note and check under the door, 19 phone messages and 5 appointments within a two hour time frame. Ugh. Which also meant we did not get home until after 8 p.m. Double ugh.

Last night was so much more relaxing. We got home, and I did a bunch of things that reminded me why I am so glad to be done with school.

1. Took a bath with bath crystals, a book, and bubbles. I have this amazing jacuzzi bathtub in my master bath, which rarely gets used. I jumped in last night to relax........

2. Learning Spanish. Popped in my new cd for about 15 minutes to practice new stuff.

3. Aimlessly watching TV. it's nice to watch TV and not know I *should* be doing something else.

Anyway. I am totally exhausted so I am heading to bed. Night!


Rebecca said...

Sucky that you had to work late but it sounds like you enjoyed yourself once you got home, good for you! You need that more often!

Heather said...

The firm I worked for in private practice was like the guy you asked for the adjournment - I couldn't do ANYTHING without the client's permission. So glad to be outta there! I'm sure he'll be hearing the meep meep of the karma bus soon.