Monday, January 08, 2007


So, Sunday was another day of sleeping in....Guess I needed it! ;). After sleeping in, Rebecca came over around 4:30 p.m. and went to Target and Kroger's. I got Gretel a new little outfit at Target (which I need to take back because it's too small).......Ended up just chilling at home that night. Ate cereal for dinner and watched Desperate Housewives and Intervention with Rebecca. DH was sooo good. This season is great. Unreal, but great at the same time. I don't mind a dose of nonreality TV once in a while.

Today was insanity at work. Mondays are horrible. I think I need the weekend to prepare me for Mondays at work. Kurt had two hearings this morning, so I stayed in the office with two appointments, as well as several clients walking in, a ton of calls, and trying to draft documents, all at the same time. Sigh. We did Subway for lunch and then crazily worked all afternoon. Aargh. Exhausted now, and I have another long day tomorrow since there is a board meeting tomorrow night.

I got home to some fun mail though. My pictures from my trip arrived, yay. They look great. I am thrilled since i only paid 2 cents per photo. I thought they might of been below par on quality. Props to York Photo. Anyway, ordered a kewl personalized photo album for them online tonight. Check it out here, I got the tan one. It will say "Costa Rica 12-2006". Can't wait to get it in the mail and put my pics in! Wow, look at me, following my New Years Resolution, ha. Also, got the software/books in the mail today that I got to learn Spanish with. Too tired tonight to look at it, but will start that soon as well.

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sunshine :) said...

2cents a photo!? I was just about to load mine on imagestudio for 12cents each! Ha!
and I usually use Costco-- they are like 17 cents each, but I get them in 1hr :)