Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Nonsuckiness of Work on a Sunday

We slept in today, but then headed to the office. I usually hate working on the weekend, but today was actually nice. I got SOO much done. I think it's because the phone does not ring on Sundays, so I can concentrate and have no interruptions. Yay. I drafted about 4 new bankruptcies, as well as a bunch of other family law documents...I feel like it was totally worth it to go up there with Kurt today.

Rebecca decided to come over tonight after all! She should be here shortly and we are going to watch Desperate Housewives together. We are both just dying to know who Gabi's stalker is.....I know, we are pathetic. But hey, I love smut TV! I can't help myself.

I talked to my Mom yesterday and I guess my sister (who is engaged) has decided on June for her wedding. There is a hall my Mom wants to use and it is only available one weekend in June, so the wedding will either be that weekend or in August. they haev started looking at bridesmaid dresses and stuff like that online. I am really hoping she picks out a dress that is something I can wear again. And I am hoping the color is BLACK. But, it's not my decision. :). Whatever she picks will eb fine, I am sure. She is totally not the bride that picks out ugly dresses in order to make herself look better, thank God. They will prob have the wedding shower down here, so I am glad for that. It's weird to me that my little sister is getting married. She is only two years younger than me, but to me, she is still like 16 years old and not old enough to get married! She wants to get pregnant right away too....So strange. So, if she does, I will be an Aunt in the really near future. A real Aunt anyway. I already am an Aunt to all my friends' kids.

Speaking of friends' kids, Marla is having a little party for Maya's first b-day this week. They are moving soon, so she had said no gifts, but instead since everyone is insisting, she is asking for gift cards. Maya won't know the difference since she is only one, and then marla can buy stuff once they move for Maya's room and stuff. They are having a house built in Interlochen, and she sent me pics today! There is a TON done. It won't be long before they can move in, I bet. I am so happy they are getting into a house again. While they were down here, they were living in an apartment and it was totally not enough room for their family and Marla hated it.

I need to make another to-do list like I did previously. Kurt and I have so many odds and ends to do around the house and office.

1. Order a spare tire for the Jeep. We had a tire blow out a few months back, and the tires are special order. If we get a flat, we are pretty much screwed.

2. Take my restore CD and Kurt's computer and restore CDs into Best Buy. I would love to have my laptop back and stop using this desktop.

Rebecca is here, so I am signing off!

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