Monday, January 01, 2007

The Weekend

So, this weekend was both good and bad.

Good, because I had three days off instead of two.

Bad, because besides Friday night, I have been sick with a horrible cold that appears to only get progressively worse. Thank God my plans for NYE were to stay in, because I felt like doing nothing on Sunday night other than sitting on my couch and chilling.

Friday night, I stayed in and finished my trip report and pictures from our vacay. That was nice to get done. I was too busy during the week and Friday night was perfect for finishing that. Saturday, I worked part of the morning and early afternoon, then came home and cleaned some while waiting for rebecca to get over here....We headed to the mall and went to a few stores, trying to see if there were any good after holiday sales. We both got some hair product from a local salon, and some stuff at Bath and Body Works. After that, we came home to wait for Kory to get off of work so we could eat. We instead got a call from Kory that his car broke down. So, Rebecca and I headed off to find him, and while there I called AAA to get his car towed to our local auto mechanic. Then, we all went to dinner at Pete's, which was yummy, as usual. Sunday, I was still sick, but managed to kinda grocery shop with rebecca. I forgot some things, but I think it's mostly because I was sick and not thinking straight. Reminder to self: need to pick up milk, pasta sauce, cereal.........

Sunday night, we had a kinda Haskell NYE party with rebecca, kory and britton who came back from up north just in time for the party. The three of them drank quite a bit, but kurt and I refrained since we were both sick and on cold pills. We ordered pizza for dinner and stayed in. I ended up falling asleep on the couch at like 11 p.m. and went to bed before midnight. Boy, I am fun! Ha. I was sick, so it's OK.

Today, I stayed in again since I am sick. We mostly watched college bowl games and were lazy. Hopefully being lazy has helped my sickness, but we will see tomorrow.

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Rebecca said...

Just for the record, I didn't drink nearly as much as the other two and when they wanted to go to single mom's party in Wyandotte, I could have driven them but refused :-P